Cancer Evolves – By Nature

First of all, thank GOD to hear this great news.  Tell your friends today!!

Heterogeneity and evolution in a breast tumour.

CBS4 had this discovery report today at around 12:15PM in the afternoon.


I will try my best to re-report this discover per verbatim.

Researchers in Canada (scientists) have made whats being called the landmark discovery in the fight against breat cancer.  It could change the ways patients are treated and the way drugs are developed.  The scientists have figured out the way the patients DNA changes when a tumor is detected and thats very key.  This could stop the spread of the disease.

They have exposed completely exactly whats inside the of breast cancer tumor.  By figuring out all 3 billion letters in the tumors DNA sequence, they have zeroed in on cell mutations, shedding light on how this disease develops and spreads.

They never had the possibility to retrieve all of the sequence and all of the mutation present in any particular cancer.  The study marks such an important turning point in the fight against breast cancer, it landed on this weeks cover of the Journal of Nature.  The Canadian team map a genetic makeup of a breast cancer patients original tumour and compared it to the same patients tumour that spread 9 years later.  They saw exactly how the cancer evolved, by identifying each cell mutation.  This year alone more that 190,000 women here in the U.S. are expected to get breast cancer.  Doctors say this study could have huge implications for the development of new drugs and personalized treatments.

“We still subject a lot of women to treatments of uncertain benefit, and so anything that helps narrow the treatment focus down is gonna be of major events.” said a doctor.

So far researches have researches the genes in only one patients tumour, but new technology allows the doctors to map out a full patients tumour genes in only ONE week!

So they hope to start decoding a lot more soon and develop a database of every breast cancer tumour.

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