Police arrest more than 400 at Toronto summit

The ones arrested were not the black on black handful allowed to damage cop cars and etc…  here’s how it works: Black Bloc anarchists are hired and transported to major protests to start trouble like this so the police have an excuse to shut down the peaceful, legitimate protestors. They’ve been caught working with police in case after case.

Those are not a part of the peaceful protesters, they are fake rioters which… harm everything and r counter productive to the real hard work done by others.

I have seen these guys wearing all Black start crowd control on the news for the police at rally’s. Or they will start running and yelling 40 deep in one direction and somehow they get everyone else to follow them. I have never been to one of these nore will i. I pray for our leaders but i feel bad for the people who go to have their voices heard and get used in this way by the guys in black.

Police arrest more than 400 at Toronto summit – Yahoo! News.

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