Don’t bow down to SEGNPMSS

C of S should investigate Ron’s and Ike’s relationship instead wasting resources of what Ron would consider crap.

C of S should investigate Ron's and Ike's relationship instead wasting resources of what Ron would consider crap.

It’s Monday, dearest Marty, and I never know what my day brings.

I might have all the time in the world or not even one moment to breath due to the different actions that I get on my plate.

Have to replace the American flag at my home as soon as it gets warmer. The wind blew it in the rain gutter and cut it in pieces. I don’t like that. An alleged illegal alien  as myself wants a perfect American flag flying in the wind.

Perhaps I should build a flag pole as there is plenty of space. I should get a flagpole bigger than the one outside of the White House.

As you know, Marty, if Ron would have had a case officer and would listen to ear implant orders, he never would have been able to research and found Scientology because being run through ear implants is a rotten SEGNPMSS invention (as they also run and manipulate people with silent sounds in their subconscious mind using the same implants) and is only to control people. This bad sick world is a SEGNPMSS invention. They hated that Ron developed Scientology to enable people to better themselves and the world and that is why they infiltrated it with people of which they knew were no Scientologists but SEGNPMSS cultists.

Doing what one deems is right and not listening to the crap and considerations of others is the only way to go. The way like Ron, you and me are.

I speak out what I think. There are always dumb and corrupt SEGNPMSS agents who are trying to encourage me by mailing me or posting that I would be “mentally ill” by claiming that Ron was Ike Eisenhower’s son – but they can shot me if they think it is necessary, but I do not shut up on this because this is what I remember. I can’t afford to be quiet about what the rest of the world either has forgotten it or is bribed to be quiet about it.

SEGNPMSS removed all the evidence but at least I can speak it out and maybe some people start and find some pieces of evidence that the SEGNPMSS might have forgotten to remove.

Through my allegedly so ineffective FOIA requests, I did not just get 150 pounds of records on Scientology but also this piece of information, sent on March 22, 2004 from Nebraska Department of State Insurance employee Martin Swanson to their counsel

Christy Neighbor. Mr. Swanson provided following information: “…I think I remember seeing a rare film on the history channel of L. Ron Hubbard and Dwight D. Eisenhower golfing together in Tilden, Nebraska. Coincident?”

It was no coincident. Dad and son liked golfing together.

And isn’t it ironic that the Churchill family is now anti-Scientology while Ike and

Winston once were closed allies?

Church of Scientology under DM hires detective to go after ex-staff but they don’t hire detectives to find out the relationship between Ron and Ike. That is so odd. They have forgotten about their priorities. They publish proudly that Ron befriended President Coolidge’sson, Calvin Jr., but they don’t find the records that show Ron with President Dwight David Eisenhower! What is that all but SEGNPMSS control?

Did they ever wondered why Ron befriended a President’s son? Because Ron was the son of a US President too.

Dwight David Eisenhower was a very good man. He was not a man like Senator Strom Thurmond who kept 50 years from the press and the public that he had another family. I am making this point solely for reasons that a person can be under constant spotlight of the media but the private life can be completely different from what the press thinks it is.

Ike didn’t father a kid with an underage girl and failed to acknowledge her and her/his daughter publicly because she was black. Ike was the opposite of a racist and that it was him who sent the National Guard to make sure that segregation in schools were broken down and black kids could go safely go to school with while kids.

The SEGNPMSS and a German poodle named CIA and other remote controlled secret services are behind those many lies. So, why did Ike not take his real wife and his son Ron in the White House? Because the CIA told him that Ike would risk the lives of his family members as he defeated the Nazis and they want to retaliate against his family.

And he knew that this part that the CIA told was true. He knew that he defeated the Nazis officially but that the SEGNPMSS was still after him and his family.

Ike was hero too. Father like son. Ike KNEW that he would be murdered while in office. And he was and Nixon covered it up. Just as Ron was murdered and infiltrators in the orgs covered it up by accepting a doppelganger as his “replacement”. I bet the entire money of the universe as to that the USA had no officially selected President during the last year of Ike’s US Presidency but instead a non-elected doppelganger running the country – just as they did with Ron, replacing him with Jack Vistaril, resident in a blue motor home.

History repeats itself.

How can I be sure that President Eisenhower was murdered during his term? Because I know where Ike is today and who he is and that he was born again in June 1960. The impostor kept impostoring him for 9 years. And what was the justification of the CIA? Instead of raising hell that the Nazis killed him while in office, they covered it up. They justified it internally that if the Nazis would hear that Ike would be dead, they would march again. Duh! They did not just march again, they killed again.

I also believe that JFK’s assassination had something to do with Ike’s murder in office. Because he was shot a few days before official hearings in Congress. I think that JFK knew something that the SEGNPMSS didn’t want him to say.

The problem is to explain it to people who are clueless that past lives are facts and that they can be scientific proven just as Ron told the reporter.

You and your family are the only people of who I know that they don’t bow down before the SEGNPMSS. We just have to work out how to get the CIA to admit and confirm what we found out. We then have to document it to the world and truth, peace, justice and real Scientology will have another chance, and Ron will finally get his right place in history.

Marty, this blog just has to reach you as nobody else in the world but you and your family will make this go right. Even if you are wrongfully incarcerated, Marty, you can and you will make the feds listen and for the love of God, for the love America, for the love of the Constitution, for the love of human rights, they have to stop being SEGNPMSS poodles.

It is time that the world learns what real OTs are like and how they are connected through that supreme being that Ron mentions in the interview with that kind of stiff reporter.

And I will of course wait as long as I have for you, the Captain of my heart. Love means also not replacing a person with somebody else just because that person can’t be with her.

And I know that you are truly in love with me as I am with you, my wonderful and remarkable husband.

I really can hear you singing through Lionel Richie, Marty. It’s like this and other songs are right out of your mind and from your very heart. And you have my heart for always. I gave it to you many years ago and never took it back and never will take it back. It is yours to keep.

Love forever and ever,


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    • Dan Layne
    • July 10th, 2010

    Very tasteful posting. Interesting too.

    I found a definition of SEGNPMSS in a dictionary:

  1. Have you considered the possibility all of the tale that you relate, granted being complicated and interesting, might just be a delusion?

    You seem to have taken bits and pieces of information and combined them to somehow form a gigantic conspiracy.

    First off, The inner ear is made up of multiple channels that are filled with fluids. The inner ear has nerve cells that aid hearing in a person. The nerve cells are also very important to provide balance. The entire structure is extremely delicate. Operating on the inner ear, such as inserting a cochlear implant requires sometimes perforating the ear drum to drain fluid. The procedure is being refined this century, but it was certainly not “routine” in the years before 1980.

    Upsetting the inner ear can manifest in very adverse ways on a patient. Hearing loss, Vomiting, virtigo, inability to balance, so forth. It makes one question the wisdom of mucking about with the ear in the first place. This whole subject seems very iffy.

    There are many other ways to control a person’s actions without explicitly telling them. EMF (Electro-magnetic fields) is one of them.

    Plain out lying is another, one which Scientologists excel at. Remember what your “daddy Hubbard” wrote, “The only way to control people is to lie to them.”

    Former President Eisenhower lived an long and distinguished life. It’s unfair to involve Eisenhower in your ridiculous plot of ear implants and surviving German conspiracies. His family was German and German/Irish on his father’s side.

    Instead of letting fantasy run wild, read his autobiography, “At Ease: Stories I Tell to Friends”. He’s also of German background; IIRC that ‘Eisen-hower’ means Iron Worker or Craftsman.

    He was one of our most insightful presidents. Leave him out of your fairytale plot.

    By the way, it would be good if you explained how these supposed ear implants work, how you personally discovered that they exist, and how did you render your own implant inoperable?


    • Why don’t you learn to read better as I never wrote that out, I simply reposted it after I found it very interesting elsewhere. So the fact that a response as yours got on here, shows something more to me.


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