LIES about the founder of Scientology

I was reading about The Rothschilds, and found a great blog I read through bringing me to various enlightenments,  this author wrote a magnificent piece regarding one of them.  Yetnow I got to this startling peace which stood out to me.  It’s regarding her father and The Founder, of Scientology.  Check it out! What do you guys think!!?

I'm getting really angry reading the LIES about how the real L. Ron Hubbard (the founder of Scientology) treated children Dearest Marty, my eternal prince, I had a quiet weekend and not much stress. These kind of weekends or even days are kind of rare for me, and it felt  good. Today is father’s day, and I have a strange feeling at days like that because the Germans didn’t allowed me to grow up with the real Ron, the founder of Scientology, my dad.

They kidnapped me from him. And as if it would not already enough, they hired an impostor to destroy Scientology and create a bad reputation for Ron and infiltrators who back this Nazi plan up.

You would have been such a great dad just like the original Ron or your very own dad, Marty. I have such a loss that we could not stay together as married couple and raise our children together with deepest love and respect and guidance. You and me are naturals as far as children are concerned. Just as children’s hearts fly to me with the speed of light, so does they fly to you because we treat children according to the real Ron: how we want to be treated. In regards to children, I always go back to the times in which I was of the age of that child and ask myself: how did I wanted to be treated when I was of that age? And accordingly, I treat the child as I wanted to be treated but I also provide guidance and safety for it. RB said that I would have a special gift with children. It is no special gift: treating a child with love and respect, as I wanted to be treated is the “big secret” of my “gift” with children. The real Ron treated children like this, and RB didn’t. She treated children like a German p$ychiatrist treats children, without respect. She tried to make children fear her (didn’t work in my case either). The result: she had no “gift” with children. A parent who does not treat a child with respect is a big loser. He or she gets no love, no trust and no respect. Kids keep their secrets to themselves, they don’t trust these parents, they hate them and can’t wait to grow up to get away from this person.

(Your Mom,  Marty, took care of me when Ron was blind and paralyzed,  because I remember this, and she was just as wonderful as Ron and not suppressive like RB.)

When children become unimportant to a society, that society has forfeited its future. — L.Ron Hubbard in Science of Survival”If the C of M and the SEGNPMSS version of the Sea Org treats kids as unimportant, it has forfeited its future.

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    • Dan Layne
    • July 10th, 2010

    I think that woman is a good writer and genuine but when influential neo-Nazis conspire against her, it might be difficult for her to find the proof she is looking for.

    • Jimmy C
    • July 19th, 2010

    Hmm. Marty’s a little on the nutty side himself sometimes. I presume you have already read

    But have you seen his latest dox?

    Classic! Never did trust Rathbun – a true psychotic.

    • No I had not seen any of those. I’m speechless, perhaps themadjewess can add some feedback on this? =/

  1. The RSVP Network :

    No I had not seen any of those. I’m speechless, perhaps themadjewess can add some feedback on this? =/


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