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Scientists Discover Most Powerful HIV Antibody Yet – Tonic


The latest research puts scientists much closer to finding a HIV vaccine.

boy getting a shotPublished in the journal Science on Thursday, researchers revealed the latest achievement in HIV prevention. By finding three new, strong antibodies for the disease they are one giant step closer to creating a vaccine.

The most powerful of the three antibodies neutralizes 91 percent of HIV strains. Previously, the most broadly disabling antibody only neutralized 40 percent of strains. The results of this study, plus another study looking into the antibody-making capabilities in animals will lead researchers closer to a successful HIV vaccine than ever before.

In the last attempt at an HIV vaccine, trials in Thailand only showed a 30 percent reduction in the incidence of infection. That vaccine, however, was not designed to create new antibodies, something the developers are tying to do in this case. Continue reading

China group says US uses Facebook to sow unrest

BEIJING – A Chinese government-backed think tank has accused the U.S. and other Western governments of using social-networking sites such as Facebook to spur political unrest and called for stepped-up scrutiny of the wildly popular sites.

Continue reading

The Buzz Log – OMG! Double Rainbow! So Intense!

So you like rainbows, huh? Heck, we all do. But not even Kermit the Frog or Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” can match YouTube’s Hungrybear9562 (real name: Paul Vasquez) for over-the-topROYGBIV enthusiasm. Continue reading

British troops to withdraw from south Afghan area

LONDON – British troops will withdraw from a volatile district insouthern Afghanistan where they have sustained nearly 100 deaths, turning over responsibility to U.S. forces, the country’s defense secretary said Wednesday.

Liam Fox told the House of Commons that U.S. Marines would replace British troops in the Sangin district of Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province later this year.

He said that, until the changes are made in October, Britain will bolster its 10,000-strong force in Afghanistan, temporarily deploying about 300 extra troops from a reserve battalion kept on standby in Cyprus. Continue reading

How Bob QUIT Smoking

Women & Smoking

Women & Smoking.

Do The Right Thing

CELEBRATING 20 YEARS – 1990-2010

The purpose of Do The Right Thing of Miami, Inc. (DTRT) is to recognize and reward Miami youth for their exemplary behavior, accomplishments and good deeds. The DTRT Awards Program distinguishes exceptional school-age children who choose to be drug and crime free, exhibit non-violent behavior, do well in school, make a difference in their communities and demonstrate turnaround behavior. Each month of the school year, parents, police officers, teachers and other adults nominate up to 1,000 children for “doing the right thing.” A selection committee reviews the nominations and selects ten finalists for the month. Continue reading

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