The Buzz Log – OMG! Double Rainbow! So Intense!

So you like rainbows, huh? Heck, we all do. But not even Kermit the Frog or Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” can match YouTube’s Hungrybear9562 (real name: Paul Vasquez) for over-the-topROYGBIV enthusiasm.

In a video that’s taken the Web by storm, Mr. Vasquez captured footage of the elusive double rainbow. Wait, scratch that. It’s not just a double rainbow — it’s a “full” double rainbow. That means two complete arches, one on top of the other.

Even the most cynical city slicker would have to admit that the sight of the two rainbows is pretty impressive. However, while watching Mr. Vasquez’s video, the visual wonder is quickly eclipsed by the videographer’s voiceover.

For three minutes, he expounds on the beauty of the rainbows and the rarity of their appearance, and even begins to wonder if it’s some sort of cosmic sign (“What does this mean?”). And then, at various points, Vasquez weeps. It’s awkward. It’s awesome. It has to be seen (and heard) to be believed. (It also contains a naughty word or two, so don’t play it for your kindergartner.)

CBS tracked down the man behind the footage and talked to him about how his modest video has racked up millions of online views. Mr. Vasquez explained that he uploaded the video in January, but it wasn’t until Jimmy Kimmel tweeted the clip in early July that the views started pouring in. You can watch the interview and clips from the original here…

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