10th Amendment issues debated by Americans

So I have met a group of smart folk on facebook discussin the 10th amendment and the abolishment of The Federal system, along with the drawbacks and side effects this would procreate intentionally and unintentionally.  Here I will go more in depth as to how I feel and howsome of them feel.  Hopefully, more participation will occur within this news report posting to arrive to the best-est solution possible, soon!  Cheers to that!

Someone sais: “@ ALL PATRIOTS. This is the solution, please post to your page, ask your friends to join; no bullshit
JULY 4TH 2012 INDEPENDENCE DAY 1. Stop Paying all of our Mortgages, ‘they’ can’t foreclose everyone’s house! 2. Take all of our money out of the banks together.
Through ‘fractional reserve lending’ banks only have 10% of the money they ‘hold’ available for withdraws. It’s a fraud 3. Stop paying all loans to the banks; credit cards; student loans; etc. 4. Take the license plates off our vehicles that allow us to be tracked, traced, & databases. 5. Have a 1-2 year food/water supply to hold us over while the peaceful revolution brings about a new legitimate constitutional government and economy. 6. Read the Constitution, not propaganda by main stream media. Another good link with valuable info is over at http://www.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2010/04/11/ending-the-fed-from-the-bottom-up/

The Problem with this, is that not having a tag on your car is all thats needing to arrest you.  Furthermore you could have your vehicle thoroughly frisked by the police, unless the tag was stolen and you told them or had a sheet of paper stating lost or stolen tag was stolen and you have no clue about it and you can provide info leading to actually having a tag which is not outdated or borrowed and etc…

I wouldn’t recommend any violence, unless in defense, this is the way of life, though shall not murder, but to kill, in defense, is totally different.  You have to sometimes kill pests, food etc…  And this is just my small scale issue with this.  On a bigger note, The Fed is a MAFIA sort of system.  You would have to innerstand what it trully is before “dismantling” it.  It just wouldn’t work in my eyes, there would have to be a replacement along every level of “dismantling”, for in my perception, it is comparable to being us being flies, attempting to dismantle the worlds biggest spider web.  Things will get sticky and there are many spiders. I hope I make my image clear to those blinded by anger.

Never fight fire with fire when up against a fire breathing dragon.  Its suicide, on a mass scale, and the victims of circumstance, will be horrific, the Holocaust would be minuscule compared to this catastrophe waiting to happen.  it is set up, to easily go down this way, but the “fight” must be led, by the proper men and not just radicals in heat for vengeance.

Furthermore, I read this informative passage from a wise old man (no dis-respect):

“Upon going into effect, the Constitutional Tender Act would introduce currency competition with Federal Reserve Notes, by outlawing their use in transactions with the State.”

Where would the State get the gold and silver needed to back their currency?

The Corporate State is Chartered to the Federal Corporate government and the Federal government have put the State’s land and people as escrow for the Federal loan they recieved from the World Banking system, therefore the State can be sued by breech of Contract of the agreed Charter to the Federal government. The Federal government then could reposess all our land and people( industy’s laborers) and therefore still control the State.

A State can make Laws that the Federal government has not made and Federal government can make additional Laws that negate the State laws.

Missouri was being sued by a NGO by not obiding by Federal law (also a school district in a northwestern State was being sued by a NGO by not obiding by the World Eduacion Organization that Pres. Clinton had signed this U.N. (UNDP) agreement ) whereas the Corporate Federal government was obliged to keep its Charter to the U.N.’s UNDP’s Organizations Regulatrions. The UNDP Organizations are part of the USA government and therefore being in our own Corporate States, the State has to, by UN Court of Law, obey their Laws and dictates.

Question: How can we avoid NATO/UN Troops from forcing us to do what the world rulers tell us?”

I leave you with this intelligence, to ponder, who’s side will you be on.  Namaste


Two more folks wrote :

1″My idea is to get to the state legislator’s from the bottom up, by the People, and make it very much known, in tandem with other States, that we want the 16th amendment repealed, ending the FED and the IRS, both unconstitutional entities.

2″The Federal Reserve families are of the World Bank’s International Corporations and UNDP Organizations that has the backing of our NATO Troops.

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