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Your Tax Dollars at Work — Making Apps

Why am I not surprised?  Well afterall, T-mobile will be “going bankrupt” next year, or maybe by the end of this year, or better said, in a few months.  As will BP, someone toss me a freaking bone here to know who should we invest in!

The Apple App Store, the Android Market and BlackBerry’s AppWorld have a surprising new competitor.

The United States government.

The government this week announced a Mobile Apps store at, featuring four new free apps to accompany 14 others that the government created while the marketplace was presumably under development in stealth mode.

The four apps are seasonally inspired. They include My TSA, an iPhone app that offers, among other things, updates on wait times at security checkpoints of airports; UV Index, for BlackBerrys and Android phones; Product Recalls, for Android phones; and My Food-a-Pedia, which offers nutrition information on about 1,000 foods. Continue reading

Awaiting the Market Crash

The Market Crash: Be Prepared.

As expected the growth from the distasteful bail out of the banking system is evaporating. Banks have less and less interest to lend to businesses and consumers, the weakest among them.

Once that economy has vanished we must set up an economy that will put the your work on the forefront: the interest of society is your job not the profit of banks which obviously don’t have the same interest as yours, creating job. Continue reading

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