Awaiting the Market Crash

The Market Crash: Be Prepared.

As expected the growth from the distasteful bail out of the banking system is evaporating. Banks have less and less interest to lend to businesses and consumers, the weakest among them.

Once that economy has vanished we must set up an economy that will put the your work on the forefront: the interest of society is your job not the profit of banks which obviously don’t have the same interest as yours, creating job.

It was from the beginning stupid to rely on private interest the role of emitting money to private interest whose purpose is obviously is exactly the opposite of yours: their purpose is to make your salary as low as possible.

This economy is based on the astonishing belief that the nastiest motives of the nastiest men somehow or other work for the best results in the best of all possible worlds.

It is time to set up a system that will put the value of your work as the central objective of society feed as many people as we can and not create an artificial scarcity which limit output by the maximization of profit.

You want that the decision to invest in companies be restored to you and not by some people whose society value them to thousand or million time your own value.

In short you want that both respect and real freedom be restored to you.

Of course the great damage caused to the system won’t be fixed in a snap. Of course the world will be vastly different than what it is now but we need to give you work fast, feed your children and establish rapidly some sort of order which would be completely destroyed by the sudden destruction of the whole economy.

If establishing a new way of life will take time we will take care of your basic needs almost immediately.

Freedom is to have your work value and not pray everyday that the next laid out worker will be your neighbor and not you. Freedom is deciding what investment will be made to favor your economic development and not which one can be made profitable by laying out the most numbers of workers making your everyday life precarious.

Freedom is replacing cut throat competition by a healthy collaboration in a more peaceful and secure society.

Protect your asset now: those who followed these advices have already saved on average 10% of their life savings by September 9th they will have saved more than 90% of them.

The Market Crash: Be Prepared.
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The Post Crash Economy
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Once the economy has crumbled we must fast establish one.

Governments have neither the will nor the power to do that as they are busy preserving their vested interest.

This event and this page that will bring you the real solution to your own deep preoccupation and anxiety and will get viral by the time the market crash and the economy crumble. It a necessity for each one’s security.

Accelerate the process invite your friends and family.

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