Fight for Power

When the Fight for Power Gets Harder

Everything we’ve said so far will be useful in just about every situation; but when the struggle for power gets more intense, some other methods are needed. When the person(s) you’re talking to has been open-minded and your powers of persuasion have been working from the moment you first started talking, the usual techniques can be used. But what if you’re dealing with someone whose mind is closed to your ideas and influence from the start, or who feels he is in direct competition with you? Then things must be handled somewhat differently.

Most important, be in control of the situation at all times. If you feel your control is slipping, do something to regain it. You could do something vividly dramatic and totally bewildering to the other person, like suddenly shouting or pounding on your desk. Or you could press a secret buzzer to have someone rush in and interrupt when the other side is coming on too strong.

Never ever get into a power struggle when you’re at any kind of a disadvantage; if you’re tired or if the discussion turns to a subject in which the other guy is an expert. Always focus your own mental energy and project your thoughts into his mind. Look him in the eyes, try to gain his confidence. Always have a picture in your mind of a victory over this person bigger than the victory you need to achieve your aims. And whatever you do don’t lose; that is, if you realize that you can’t beat him, then leave. It’s better not to have a victory than to have a defeat.

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