The Venus Project is not just non-profit?

Anyone else got something to say about this???

bat shit“, someone told me.

Zeitgeist members are generally aware that the Venus Project operates under a non-profit 501c titled ‘Future by design’, but they are blind to the fact that it is a for-profit organization as well.

“Venus Project Inc is a private company located in Venus, FL.  Current estimates show this company has annual revenue of $120,000 and employs a staff of approximately 2.”

The Venus Project, Inc. also currently operates under the name “Global Cybervisions” and was actually established in February, 1995.

Donations to the Venus Project via their website go to their non-profit sector, Future by Design, which had revenues of approximately $28,000 in 2008.  Other revenues go to the for-profit sector (Venus Project, Inc./Global Cybervisions), which is not listed anywhere on their website.

The fact that the Venus Project is secretly operating under three names is dubious, since Zeitgeist members are currently laboring for the Venus Project under the impression that there is no profit motive involved.

Thanks to David Szemerda for pointing out elements of this matter.Read More & Watch a Video from YouTube on this.

via Zeitgeist is a mind heist – venus project is a scam ?

    • Leila Kania
    • September 12th, 2010

    I am not certain of everyone’s knowledge that belongs to Zeitgeist and The Venus Project but I certainly am aware that there is a for profit and non-profit segment of the Venus Project and considering I am a new member I find it hard to believe anyone would not be aware of this. We do not yet live in a non-monetary system so what on earth is wrong with this? Are they supposed to live on thin air?

    • I want to see transparency with the profits. if not, it is false advertising in my honest opinion. Hope you innerstand.

      • V
      • February 15th, 2011

      The reason why Peter Joseph works in advertising in New York and Jacque Fresco needs a for profit section of the venus project is because they and we all still live in the system, in the US. They need to pay property tax, they need to pay their plane tickets to speak in cities all over the world, to finance the material needed for filmaking and to pay the people in the films. The venus project is a resource based economy, meaning all the resources necessary for live as we know it are available to all and not held by private corporations. The venus project conducts its research on a ranc in Venus, Florida. All the resources necessary for life are obviously not available on a ranch in Florida… They live in the context of today’s society and they must pay tax on their property, for example…

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