Wikipedia calls TZM and TVP ‘Cults ‘!

This is a new article to cover ground already covered by the TVP and TZM cults assorted wikipedia pages. Its flagrantly an attempt to promote themselves at the expense of wikipedia article space.

Further more the contents of this article are simply taken from a speech by Peter Joseph Merola, and are not encyclopedic nor noteworthy. [discussing TVP’s/TZM’s previous attempts to promote themselves on wikipedia]

It seems that wikipedia has finally cottoned on to the shameless self promoting tactics of TZM and TVP in regards to resource based economics and their claims to be the originators of the idea.

And comically all the evidence the writer for the article provides is the following:


* The Venus Project – Official Website
* The Zeitgeist Movement – Official Website
* The Zeitgeist Movement Official YouTube Channel

thats all they offer up as evidence. hahaha


Can also be discussed here:

via Zeitgeist is a mind heist – venus project is a scam ?.

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