What are we doing? In the know?  Stargates, Portals, Consciousness, Decoding, Wisdom Activation –  Oh My!

A message to all members of THE RESISTANCE

As some may have noticed we have started a Chipin Widget for relocation and expansion of the Resistance. We are more than sure most would like to know what that consists of and what we have planned. So in efforts to satisfy those questions here is what We are doing.

Ning has been a great network for the beginning of the Resistance faction, especially since they allowed us to have a site in which we could congregate  and culturise for free.  Now those times have gone and Ning just like Facebook is now charging for sites that have over 150 members.

This is not a big problem, we could always just pay Ning, which we plan to do, and preserve the site along with its original content. However the Ning format itself is not giving us the ability to expand. Our site is jam packed with information that many have never seen because it is unorganized in the archive.

Ning offers no applications to fix this problem. Likewise in order to start the University of the World we will need to build out applications. This is the most costly process as programmers must be hired and instructed. Likewise data gathers must be enlisted and compensated as we are now making a move to become the “google” of esoteric knowledge. So whatever one is seeking they simply use the search engine to find. Eventually this will equal having terabytes of Esoteric data correctly categorized in various formats, even a reader embedded into all pdf’s allowing a person to not have to read just listen, image the time saved and the amount of data that can be covered with something so simple but yet to be put together.

There are several components being attached. Just to name a few right now there has been several breakthroughs in the world of supplements, tools, devices, etc. This includes elements such as advanced Monatomics and charged ORMUS, tools such as Radionics and High Frequency, cell penetration devices, Pi Ray and Rife developments and various other advancements that have entered the market and await being reviewed by avid personnel. We have made contact with several factions and many are looking forward to being featured on the new site and joining radio shows in which they can explain in depth the inner workings of what they have created or become professionals at innerstanding.

In addition another component is being attached, a business and social network. We would like to keep such things separated from our core esoteric site, however, we see the need to create a sister site code named “pure connection” a place were conscious people meet. Here they can see who is close to them, if they have friends in common, share thier personal work along with even opening there own market to trade their items and for those that are “seeking” a possible match or companion to discuss deeper things.

The Resistance is gaining steam fast, we will need everyone’s attention in this matter. Many know personally the Resistance has been consistent and bold in the face of the transmutation, this is no longer an uphill battle but we must continue to follow through even stronger than ever. Things that we were ridiculed years ago about saying is now accepted as common knowledge. We continue to bring relevant application from all angles and beyond and to continue doing that we ask the assistance of the Allies we have made. Feel free to email me personally about anything else you may need to know about this subject. For those that are thinking of making a serious contribution but need to see a little more contact me and I can take you on a brief tour of our current progress.

This is not a game and should not be treated as such, this is a call to action. For all those not in a position to do anything innerstand your time has been enough and we thank you for reviewing our intentions.  7


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