1970 Bilderberg Meeting Participant List

The following participant list is unofficial and may contain inaccuracies. If you have access to more accurate information regarding any of the Bilderberg meetings, including official copies of participant lists, please contact us or submit them below.

Bad Ragaz Conference, Sweden
17-19 April 1970

H.R.H. The Prince of the Netherlands

Honorary Secretary General for Europe:
Ernst H. van der Beugel

Honorary Secretary General for the United States:
Joseph E. Johnson

Honorary Treasurer:
Johannes Meynen

Participant Name Nationality
Agnelli, Giovanni Italy
Alliot, Michel France
Allison, Graham United States
Altissimo, Renato Italy
Ashby, Sir Eric United Kingdom
Ball, George W. United States
Baumgartner, Wilfrid S. France
Benediktsson, Bjarni Iceland
Bennett, Sir Frederic United Kingdom
Berchtold, Walter Switzerland
Bernardini, Gilberto Italy
Beuve-Mery, Hubert France
Birgi, M. Nuri Turkey
Brinkhorst, Laurens Jan Netherlands
Brouwer, L. E. Jan Netherlands
Brugsma, Willem L. Netherlands
Camu, Louis Belgium
Collado, Emilio G. United States
Cornu, Daniel Switzerland
Culver, John C. United States
Dean, Arthur H. United States
Deurinck, Gaston Belgium
Drake, Sir Eric United Kingdom
Duchene, L. Francois International
Edwards, Sir Ronald United Kingdom
Fascell, Dante B. United States
Faure, Edgar France
Filion, Gerard Canada
Froschmaier, Franz International
Furgler, Kurt Switzerland
Gerwig, Andreas A. Switzerland
Giscard d’Estaing, Olivier France
Goodpaster, Andrew J. International
Griffin, Anthony G. S. Canada
Hattersley, Roy United Kingdom
Hauge, Gabriel United States
Head, Ivan Canada
Heinz II, Henry J. United States
Hoegh, Leif Norway
Holland, Stuart United Kingdom
Janssen, Daniel Belgium
Jordan Jr., Vernon E. United States
Kaiser, Karl Germany
Keppel, Francis United States
King, Alexander International
Knoppers, Antonie United States
Kohnstamm, Max International
Krogh, Peter F. United States
Langslet, Lars R. Norway
Lennep, Jonkheer Emile van International
LePan, Douglas V. Canada
Lesguillons, Henri International
Levi, Arrigo Italy
Liotard-Vogt, Pierre Switzerland
Lipset, Seymour M. United States
Luns, Joseph M. A. H. Netherlands
Mach, Bernard Switzerland
Mathias Jr., Charles McC. United States
Maudling, Reginald United Kingdom
Meyerson, Martin United States
Moberg, Sven Sweden
Moyers, Bill D. United States
Nogueira, Alberto F. Portugal
Nykopp, Johan A. Finland
Orvik, Nils Norway
Price, Christopher United Kingdom
Reinhardt, Eberhard Switzerland
Rhodes Jr., Joseph United States
Richardson, Elliot L. United States
Roberts, John Canada
Rockefeller, David United States
Rockefeller, IV, John D. United States
Roll, Sir Eric United Kingdom
Rothschild, Baron Edmond de France
Schaefer, Alfred Switzerland
Schmidheiny, Max Switzerland
Silvers, Robert United States
Sorensen, Svend O. Denmark
Stoltenberg, Gerhard Germany
Stone, Shepard United States
Streichenberg, Georges Switzerland
Terkelsen, Terkel M. Denmark
Tidemand, Otto G. Norway
Tschudi, Hans P. Switzerland
Umbricht, Victor H. Switzerland
Vance, Cyrus R. Unitd States
Vedel, Georges France
Wallenberg, Marcus Sweden
Waris, Klaus Finland
Weizsaecker, Richard Freiherr von Germany
Wolff von Amerongen, Otto Germany
Cittadini Cesi, Marchese Gian G. Italy
Reutlinger, Paul Switzerland
Roy, Bertie le Netherlands
Vernede, Edwin Netherlands


April 17-19, 1970 – Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

I. Future function of the university in our society

II. Priority in foreign policy

1970 Bilderberg Meeting Participant List | Public Intelligence.

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