Do you know what mercury is?

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Paul Kwiatkowski Kasper what is it?

Dennis Kjærsgaard no clue

C-Star Turtle Feather its fucked up. IN ALL FOURESCENT BULBS!!!!
PLEASE BE CAREFUL and “dispose” of them ONLY AT

Salma Zak the planet or the material ? 🙂

Tiff Dior its what’s in vaccinations. air. chemtrails. fish. shrimp. sushi. some of thwe water. ummmmm..its a poison pretty much lol

Danzilla Brown a really awesome metal.

Dennis Kjærsgaard just kidding.. its what you get in fish, vaccinations, tooth fillings etc..

good to remove with selenium, iodine or chlorella 🙂

Tracy Jenkins Yeah right until your body is poisoned by it. If that equals awesome then I live in a reversed reality. Lol JK.

Helene Larsen Mercery is my nickname..cuz no one can get a hold on me unless they lock me up in a container…;)

Paul Kwiatkowski Kasper the god or demon mercury

Lisa Suarez God of War? In mythology oop No wait he was a messenger. Plus a planet & poison we’re ill from.

Erik Pizzorni It’s good for you, Mmmm yum.

Andrew Orgasmatron Nye ‎^God of War is a fun game.

Michael Saint Ray I worship Mercury.

Paul Kwiatkowski Kasper mikey saint ray re-incarnation of pope john paul the second? I wanna be a chemist when I grow up and invent something more dangerous than zyklon-b

Jerry Woeppel very dangerous to humans, deadly even – many commercial applications that are basically unwarranted as other products could be used

Paul Kwiatkowski Kasper that doesnt matter Jerry the powers that be put ASPARTAME IN DIET AND NATURAL DRINKS

Natasha Teka Campbell That ish will kill ya. Just say no.

Estivi Gajardo Verdin best car in the world

Paul Kwiatkowski Kasper that chemical that permanently burns brain cells like other phenylketuronics and guess who holds the patent and makes the dough on it still….DONALD RUMSFELD…. mass murderer and international terrorist.

Michael Saint Ray ‎@ Paul: How did you know!?!?

Yes, I am in fact his reincarnation, among others.


Paul Kwiatkowski Kasper look at my date of birth and natal chart I was born may 18th 1966 at 3:33 in the afternoon…. there is very little that I do not know

Michael Saint Ray Hmmm…wow… that is impressive… :O

Bryan Dahm the typical symptoms of chronic mercury element toxicity. phycological, physical and behaviour problems. heavy meatal fatigue, tierd in the morning upon waking-sleeps excessivley-hypoglycemic(w ith unexplained energy bursts)-muscular weakness-seasonal depression-memory loss-irritability-difficul ty to concentrate-nightmares-sle ep disorders,trouble falling asleep,waking too early-suicidal tendencies-difficulty in making decisions. that just scrathes the surface. look up the full list at acupeds. or go to

Neil-Akili Nash-Huggins A wonderful metal, planet, god etc….tho god only knows, why they feeding it to us?…

Neil-Akili Nash-Huggins Got it…Freddie’s last name…thank god, phew.

Lisa Suarez LOL that’s right can’t forget ole Freddie.
Oh & Doom on Rumsfeld.

Paul Kwiatkowski Kasper rumsfeld and cheney on the left and right side of lucifer

Darrius Unity Dickerson A trillion thanks for all of the feedback.

Paul Kwiatkowski Kasper so what is the correct answer then Darrius?

Lisa Suarez We’ve answered it ourselves ; )

Darrel Drumright The Yellow emperor was told it was the secret to immortality. He died a very painful early death.

Eternal Vigilance Thats that yummy stuff they inject in us as children that causes all those wonderful immunity disorders that dont exsist…..

Susan Hope Mason Ⓥ poison

Chris Walter

To expand where no one else decided to go with this. What is Mercury or how does it enter our bodies and water supply? Wee here goe…It is used as a preservative in vaccines, (google thimerosal), it is an organomercury compound. This compound is a well established antiseptic and antifungal agent. Also used as a , immunoglobulin preparations, skin test antigens, antivenins, ophthalmic and nasal products, and tattoo inks. Its use as a vaccine preservative is controversial, and it is being phased out (but used heavily in H1N1) from routine childhood vaccines in the United States, the European Union, and a few other countries.

Also Coal-fired power plant emissions contain many toxic elements and compounds, including sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrous oxides (NOx), particulate matter, hydrogen chloride (HCl), hydrogen fluoride (HF), arsenic, and heavy metals like chromium, cadmium, and mercury. They are also the largest source of carbon dioxide (CO2).

The vaccines preservative is also thought to be the cause of many new neurological disorders. How many cases of Autism, ADD, ADHD where there 30 years ago? Where they just discovered or a direct effect from pumping 80 times (what fda considers) a safe amout to ingest into a baby that is 2 days old. I could go on but I won’t.

Jesse Calhoun I know autism is novel form of Mercury Poisoning
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.go v/pubmed/11339848

Chris Walter Ha- thank you Jesse, please see my statement above…

Yael Yadan

All you truthers, watch, bookmark and spread this lecture. David Ayoub MD talking about mercury, autism, vaccines and global population control. For example, did you know they actually developed an anti fertility vaccine? Do you know it has been implemented for 2 decades now?

Watch, bookmark, spread around. deoplay?docid=689010666341 2840646#

(PDF of the presentation –

Thanks to Manual Guevara for posting this a few months ago. Changed my life.

Amanda Trbovich a planet 😉

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