Future Presidential Platform?

If you were to be given an opportunity to shape a presidential platform, what would you include? Maximized self-governance? Maximized freedom within reason? Full-potential education for all? Decentralized government? What would you include?

Scott Keller Clean air? Clean water? Solutions which don’t involve the central government? Repeal the Federal Reserve Act? What goals would you have for the country?

      • ‎1) Strengthen the CONTROLLING system, so every citizen would have the possibility to learn every minute, what “they” are doing with our money

        2) Make possible that everyone interested could supervise the elections & the votes counting

        3) Make sure that ppl can decide DIRECTLY as much as possible & not have to depend on middlemen. I mean DIRECT DEMOCRACY

        22 hours ago · 
      • Bela Ladja

        Where I live, my first goal would be, to send “Red Army” & their ideological & financial descendants 4 permanent vacations …

        After that ALL would go smoothly & easily

        You know, after 65 years we reaaaaaaaally have enuff of them now

        Yes, I live in sLOVEnija. Still 🙂

        22 hours ago · 
      • Rain Pebble free earth .. hmm?

        22 hours ago · 
      • Audra Hughes i’d nominate mr. Jones ————> he has Ron Paul’s ideas at ♥

        21 hours ago · 
      • Scott Keller Bela, I believe all of those (1,2,& 3) are implementable locally. Those are good reasons for decentralizing in my opinion. If you don’t mind, I’ll include those ideas in my efforts.

        21 hours ago · 
      • Arnold Maribel Jr Hernandez demanipulated government, demonopolized systems (sounds bad right?)

        21 hours ago ·  ·  1 person · 
      • Scott Keller Arnold, I don’t know if those are real words or not, but I understand what you mean and I agree.

        21 hours ago · 
      • Arnold Maribel Jr Hernandez they might not be, but those r good terms to manipulate to win tons of votes lmfao.

        just keeping it real

        21 hours ago ·  · 
      • Scott Keller yep. You always have good ideas.

        21 hours ago · 
      • Scott Keller Audra, which Mr. Jones are you referring to? The song?

        21 hours ago · 
      • Dana Keller

        For me, the question isn’t what I’d include, it’s whom. Fast policy makes for bad policy, plain and simple, because of the unintended consequences that couldn’t be fleshed out in short order. So, asking for quick policy statements (the planks to your platform) is asking for trouble. You need reflective judgments from socially and fiscally minded responsible people who are willing to debate their ideas until the best, most compatible, and most synergistic ideas surface as a package. You don’t want a platform that is composed of random planks that amount to little more than notable sound-bites that come back to nip you in the end.
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      • Rain Pebble Flexibility according to challenge plus good, honest heart of a leader is the best policy

        10 hours ago · 
      • Joel Mariano

        Dollar Zombie Disclosure: All politicians should fully disclose their campaign donations so voter will know if they are the usual Dollar Zombies ruining the concept of Democracy.

        Empathy Scans: All politicians should submit to a brain scans to prove they are not psychopaths acting like they care about the public, instead of the usual war mongers and extortionists working with the Federal Reserve welfare for the ultra rich so they can be grand Dollar Zombies in their quest to get high off power….

        10 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
      • Arnold Maribel Jr Hernandez Reserve means a lot.

        Only thing backed up is the paper work, and mostly classified, untill it’s useless.


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      • Lucy Brown

        My political platform would be:

        – no more politics
        – no more government
        – no more borders
        – no more police
        – no more starvation
        – no more war
        – no more political platforms

        – pro individual human autonomy
        – pro participatory self-governance
        – pro equal access for all humans to all resources (open-source EVERYTHING)
        – pro human-kindness and collaboration

        There’s no point in setting political platforms- we (the people of the human race) cannot make effective change through the existing political system.

        Scott, I think I understand your intention with creating a political platform, but I don’t know if it’s the best way to promote an RBE. If you’re running to promote an RBE, the correct “immigration” policy to have would be “NO MORE BORDERS” (not- “immigration” reform). The correct economic policy would be “NO MORE MONEY” (not “end the fed”). Talking about things on a national scale rather than a global scale and using a political position to try to achieve anything only serves to legitimize the existing faulty establishment. Telling ourselves that somehow if we Americans just “set a good example” for the rest of the world then they’ll catch up is… well, it’s either naive or delusional. Other countries are in the state they’re in *because* of U.S. policies, sanctions, military occupations, and creation and funding of corrupt puppet governments. Changing this is therefore MUCH more complicated than simply “setting a good example”.


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      • Joel Mariano

        Lucy, you are one advanced human being! You and TZM have been echoing what the Taoists 7,000 years ago knew as inherent in the system’s futility and left society for nature. I’m very much impressed with TVP and RBE, but paving the transition bridge to get there has NOT been clearly defined. And I don’t like just expecting a collapse, rather people need to know the alternatives. If a critical mass really understood the futility of the current unsustainable centralized system, maybe we can avoid a collapse.

        The amount of information & knowledge we have more access to should help us build this bridge to help assuring the great future Jacque Fresco has envisioned.

        5 hours ago · 
      • Jason Wallawine Read Daniel Quinn. Ishmael, My Ishamel, The Story of B, and Beyond Civilization offer a perfect starting point for a transition framework. Check them out ASAP if you have not read them yet!

        4 hours ago · 
      • Scott Keller

        I will look for those Jason. Thanks.

        We definitely need a transition. I know there are people who don’t like that word, but we cannot realistically expect the world to shift to an RBE mentality overnight.

        We have to take it one step at a time.

        Rather than going from huge government to no government we’ll need to pass through small government. Before we open borders, we’ll need to have a way of handling their disappearance. We can’t just drop money, we must wean people from it through showing them that they don’t need it and providing examples until they start to accept it.

        Saying that the world is in the state it’s in is only because of the US policy is missing some key points and players. The main player in all of that is the group of central bank owners. One of the key ways that the US can be an example is to show what can be done to neutralize that group. Of course I don’t think that the world is going to change overnight just because we do. We must first work to be the best we can be though.

        I’m don’t have answers to everything and I really don’t need to. We are all in this together and it’s up to those who have knowledge in special areas to share that knowledge when appropriate with those who don’t.

        We can get to the goals we have in mind. We just have to start in that direction and not stop until we’re there.

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