Eric Bochene — INSPIRATION!

Eric BocheneCommunications Guru, Creative Director, Integral Theory Coach, Independent Researcher, Writer & Speaker.

Here at his official website, you will find more detailed information information on Eric Bochene such as his biography a wide array of various services he offers as well as some past and present projects/works including his portfolio.

Also featured here are libraries of photos from his travels around the world (as well as of family and friends), videolibraries and Eric’s blog. which includes extensive essays from his research as well as general news and rants about subjects he views important. And, most of these issues and subjects involve the “transition” he and many other people and organizations around the world are seeking and working towards.

This “TRANSITION” — this EVOLUTION — that Eric often speaks and writes about, is the critically needed one that will bring our species out from under this “Everybody For Themselves” system, which largely in existence thanks to the global “Monetary / Market  Economic System” into one that serves the “Highest Good For All”.

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