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Liam Roper Is currently working on a Global Initiative that is creating a huge documentary for Imagine Rural Development. We are focuing on self sustainable communities and set ups where people are working to be the change in this world. We intend to focus on Australia after USA, Europe and Zambia, with intension to explore every country that is working on projects like this.

Liam Roper
Maybe you would be interested in getting involved as its a project that includes you. Its all geared to reach international audience and share awareness to alternative living, free from the constaints of the current fragmented, dysfunctiona…l, global coporate system where only a few own the worlds resources. The identity of Imagine Rural Development will be molded from all communities and people that get involved, sharing in knowledge and techniques, addressing the need to feed, house, clothe and heal every person on this planet, with harmony and balance to nature, in full communication and information. There is plenty of room on the ‘Love Bus’, so contact me should you be interested, or have ideas to share. Or you can contact the facebook page of ‘Imagine Rural Development’.See More

Dolly COSTA Great work dear Liam 😉
Bless u

Dolly COSTA I’m already on that “Bus of Love ”

Gregory L. LeVitre Also, we have people in Lebanon, India and Indonesia that want us to do work in their countries. As our team grows, so will the amount of communities we can help at one time. Join us, bring your hearts, your skills and your desire to create a better world!

Liam Roper I feel there are many in South America that we can focus on too, as there is so much to learn from that continent, and share around the world.

Gregory L. LeVitre Absolutely. Also, we do consulting work for communities that are already beginning that need help on the start up.

Gregory L. LeVitre It is the early stages of a new community that is crucial, many communities do not make it past this stage. We want to insure that as many DO make it as possible. The future depends on each and every one of you who is doing this important work in the world.

Joel Mariano This trend of alternative community declares that “Freedom” does not mean you necessarily need money to have it, but freedom to be not indebted into an economic neofeudalism; freedom from profit driven toxic foods; freedom from devalued debt-based centralized currency; and freedom to use free clean renewable energy. Many people are waking up and asking, “Why be dependent on a failing centralized system that is not sustainable?”

Dolly COSTA WE r making the world a better place 🙂

Gregory L. LeVitre
The new paradigm calls for us to take responsibility into our own hands rather than expecting others to think for us and govern us.
Those who are affected by decisions should be the ones making them, rather than corporations and strangers w…ho do not care about our well being.See More

Gregory L. LeVitre 🙂

Joel Mariano
Many have concluded that a path of self-resilient strength free from centralized dependence is the winning strategy out of all possible outcomes. If the disaster of an economic collapse happens, the self-reliant community can be spared the… indignity of violent revolt. By showing people living a sustainable life, it is my hope there will be less energy put into profit driven ventures such as war; profit driven ruination of the environment; profit driven minions supporting the elites & corporations; and remind people about the profound gifts of the EARTH.See More

James Anderson
Absolutely true Joel. My own research not only on the environment but also on the rise and fall of civilizations and the history and philosophy of science directly supports such conclusions.

The ORB system I have been talking about was actua…lly discovered when I was working on research about how to make human habitation at various levels not just sustainable but self sufficient and environmentally regenerative.See More

Liam Roper Wow James,…I cant wait for opportunity for discussion, as so much of what you have said is what I have discovered, and I have a library of information on all of it in the form of Pdf’s, books and documentary. It seems you have the facts and evidence to prove many of my own theories to become probable and even possible.

Gregory L. LeVitre James, what you have told me about that system so far is purely amazing! It makes the waste, fuel and energy technologies that are currently implemented wide-scale look primitive!

James Anderson
Thank you both of you, primitive yes, crude even, the result of narrow, linear thinking, and yet in a way ORB is more primitive, at least by their reckoning, because it goes back to the simplest mot fundamental technology. Natural occuring …bacteria. We just work in harmony with nature instead of fighting it.

And yes Liam it would be great to talk and compare notes. I think it would be very productive.See More

James Anderson Did I mention the concept of putting an ORB system as the core infrastructure for a eco village or eco oriented community? Combined with something like earth bermed passive solar structures and organic agriculture and community composting you have the potential for an almost totally self sufficient system of living.

Gregory L. LeVitre That is awesome, precisely what we need in the communities we’re working with.

Steven Putter james in Ngabwe it is a small town we need to create, so it might be a perfect place to display the model

James Anderson Its why I keep saying it is what we need all over the world. Then there will be little need for most environmental damage, conflict and exploitation.

Gregory L. LeVitre Absolutely! That is the fundamental idea our org works off of. I see you’re very like-minded with us, James, you would make a great team member! 🙂

James Anderson Thanks, it’s a joy to have other like minded people to work with. I’ve had to push it ahead solo or nearly solo for a very long time.

Steven Putter 🙂 well welcome to the pebble that started the ripple that will become the wave that will change the course of humanity or die trying 🙂

James Anderson I should point out another important aspect here, that everyone ends up with a shared, vested mutual interest in cooperation, becuase what they do goes into the system that makes the energy, cleans the organics, and provides the water and fertilizer for the fields.

James Anderson Oh, and it helps rebuild the water table and nearby habitat as well, which is of course to be expect from any system that uses wetlands based bioremediative techniques.

Gregory L. LeVitre That system is the very definition of sustainability. 🙂

Steven Putter if you go to the imagine Zambia FB page and look at the photos you will see a very high water table, in this instance it will also have to protect the quality of the underground water as well as the river systems, that i know it will do, but it should highlight in this project

Steven Putter!/imaginezambia?ref=ts

Steven Putter there is the link

James Anderson That was my goal, when I couldn’t find it already available, I had to find ways to put it together. and yes we will have to look at ways to properly frame and highlight certain key aspects of the system in relation to a given target location.

Gregory L. LeVitre Well, here’s your chance James. We have a community that would be happy for you to experiment on. 🙂

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