The Water Engine

Not just any water engine….

The Water Engine!
(Getting there anyways – its been done before, it can be done again)

A crash course and sheeple guide to:
Water fuel – Suppressed inventions – Health – Conspiracy (facts) – Law anomolies

Updated: July 5 2010.

A short and simple website covering all good information – nonsense trash to many, perfectly logical to others.
Intended for entertainment purposes only 😉

This website is not updated that often.
My focus these days is more on other areas such as networking on Face Book. I should probably start a fan page or something – normal accounts limit one to 5000 friends 😦

If you find any of this material useful, why not consider making a donation to help produce more good material? Works are currently mainly funded by a day job hamster wheel. Your donations go directly to Panacea – the organization providing the full disclosure comprehensive investigation and development of these technologies.

You’ve probably heard the stories and rumours of water powered cars previously gone by in time, or bizarre but practical energy ideas for cars on recent television shows?

Have you seen any technological breakthroughs seen on the news years ago – only to never to come to reality? One example is the motor that runs from compressed air – that’s right – a mere $3 worth of electricity for 200 ~ 300KM travel. Anyone still asleep?

Why do solar panels which are simple in construction cost more than a complex computer processor chip yet both are made out of a dirt cheap resource – silicone?

How is it that a 2.4Kw air conditioner produces the same amount of heat as a 7Kw heating element? Why are refridgerators so efficient? It is the Coefficiency Of Performance (you put in one unit of energy to transfer more units of energy from another source to the load).

Could these technologies be used to provide pure clean drinking water, food, free power and total self sufficiency? More likely than not. Many people around the world have been working on it for a little while now – open source.

While you’re at it, keep your eyes on the skies for strange cloud patterns and challenge those responsible – you might get more rain! Look into cloudbusting to balance nature and break extensive droughts. Others speak of a 2012 / planet X theory where a rogue planet passes through our solar system every 2/3000 years throwing Earth’s magnetic fields totally out of whack and making the weather all wild.

How can a bunch of backyarders come up with better results than a government / corporate funded science research & development laboratory with millions of dollars of equipment? Its simple – very large corporations and even governments (no longer by the people for the people – now run by banks and mega corporations) are working together to prevent advancement. You’re probably done with people trying to tell you man never set foot on the Moon, or that 9/11 was a self inflicted wound / inside job to start a war. The rabbit hole goes deeper, including how banks create money from thin air (computer entries) and then loan it at interest (usury), and their plans for a microchip population (Rev. 13:16-18 – mark of the beast).
Short video (27 mins) outlining the New World Order and corruption – watch and learn about the alternatives!

So what are you going to do about it? – too easy! *yawn* share with people (Face Book is the easiest and most effective – there’s stacks of groups on there!) and help with remedies!

A non profit organization was formed in recent years to assist the movement by compiling information, replicating devices and running tests. The organization is of service to the people, but is currently underfunded and under staffed – but is gaining unstoppable momentum with support from the related energy forums. Please help this organization if you can in any way – whatever you have to bring to the table.

Also share this information with as many people as you can.

Backyarders: Build yourself a device with the plans and documentation currently available and searchable from the Panacea University website.
Average “Joes”: Hydrogen boosters and GEET variants are emerging onto the market place. Panacea picks and plugs the best deals going. We do more than just hydrogen boosters though – stay tuned and subscribe to the Panacea Newsletter.

Most importantly: Pass this website address to your friends and neighbours. Support Panacea – your free energy research non profit organization set up specifically to deal with suppressed science.

This website is a good starting point to learn all about these issues. I hope you enjoy the material provided.

Questions? Comments? Email them to me and I will get back to you soonvia The Water Engine.

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