Philips Livable Cities – Latest to Reward Great Ideas

Livable CitiesIf you think of corporate America as cold, hard, and uncaring, you’re not alone. But several big companies have stepped up recently to prove they too have heart and want to help make our world a better place to live in.

The latest company with such a goal is Philips. Known for their electronics manufacturing of everything from MRI machines to big screen TVs, Philips has recently announced The Philips Livable Cities Award. This global initiative is designed to encourage and promote practical, achievable ideas for furthering the health and well-being of those living in cities throughout the world. As urbanization continues to spread throughout the world, and cities become more populated, common problems arise. Social, economic, and environmental challenges are growing rapidly and will continue to plague urban centers as populations become denser.

Philips recognizes that these issues require innovative solutions that will more than likely be presented by people within the entrepreneurial community. That’s why they’ve launched the Livable Cities initiative and are seeking input from those within that community.

So what do you get for solving the world’s problems? When you enter the Philips initiative in one of three categories (Healthy Lifestyle at Work & Home, Independent Living, or Well-being Outdoors), you have a chance to be awarded one of three grants, totaling $125,000, to help translate your idea into reality. Entries will be accepted through October of this year, reviewed by an international panel of experts, and awards will be announced in April of 2011.

So, do you have a simple idea that could improve the health and well-being of people living in cities? What are you waiting for? Watch the video to learn more, and then click this link to get

via Philips Livable Cities – Latest to Reward Great Ideas.

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