The Peace Alliance

The Peace Alliance
Celebrating Success this Past Year!
Help us Forge a Strong 2011

Dear Reader,

As we enter the new year, a note of heartfelt thanks to all of you who have supported us over the years. We’re excited and grateful to share all we’ve achieved together over the past 12 months and what’s in store for 2011, thanks to your passionate advocacy and committed support.

Without a doubt, your focused actions and financial contributions have boosted the public understanding of and appetite for the work of peacebuilding — while nurturing the political will to award peace its rightful place as one of our nation’s highest priorities.

We hope you will continue to celebrate and support the strides we’ve made together andconsider a financial contribution to help us achieve even more in 2011.  $10 or $20 can make a huge difference.  There is still much work to be done, even as we look back with pride at all we accomplished last year!

Your support over the past year helped us manifest the following;

  • Tens of thousands of messages sent to Congress and the President, urging support for the Youth PROMISE Act (YPA) and a U.S. Department of Peace.
  • Hundreds of Congressional visits throughout the country and in Washington, D.C. advocating support for peacebuilding.
  • An expanded national network, adding almost 25,000 new peace supporters!
  • Over 300 attending the Student Peace Alliance Natl. Conference in Austin, TX.
  • Contributing expertise in support for a robust peacebuilding section in the Foreign Assistance Act.
  • Congressional briefings detailing the cost of violence and the efficacy of peacebuilding.
  • Multiple county and city resolutions passing in support of a Dept. of Peace and the Youth PROMISE Act.
  • Increasing collaboration with other national peace organizations and leaders.
  • Expanding corporate partnerships by engaging with Ben and Jerry’s national campaign in support of YPA.  Thousands of actions taken.
  • Connecting tens of thousands to our Peace Week virtual peace summit (you can still sign-up to hear the great speakers).
  • Monthly National conference calls educating and supporting leadership growth.
  • Expanding local community peacebuidling & collaboration.
  • Internet action through Facebook, website, texting, tweeting and so much more…

Listed below is our “Angel List” of needs we feel are crucial to our continued work. In addition to amplifying all our ongoing campaigns and initiatives, your future contributions will go directly to these projects.

  • Increased field staff to support a growing grassroots leadership and network.
  • A larger D.C. office to support more space for interns and increased legislative staff.  We are currently looking at a six-month lease on a larger and better space, and we are excited to announce that we have 4 full-time interns for the Spring! Help us make their support even more effective.
  • Greater media coverage for the work of peacebuilding and our initiatives.
  • A development team to help fundraise and write grant requests to expand our capacity to impact and refocus the public and political will toward nonviolence.
  • Rebuild our website and online action tools to create a world-class virtual space for our network to achieve our goals (already in progress!)

The Peace Alliance grassroots network and donors, along with our staff and board of directors, advocate for pragmatic solutions to prevent and mitigate violent conflict at all levels of society, working towards a more peaceful nation and world.  In the past weeks watching our war veterans chain themselves to the White House fence conjures up images of the women’s suffrage movement, civil rights and environmental demonstrations on the mall.  These are pivotal years, a time when we can and must build the public and political will to pass key legislation in support of peacebuilding, while we cultivate more peaceful practices in our own lives and in our communities.

It is through your generous support that we are able to carry out our mission: to empower civic engagement toward a culture of peace. We are making a critical difference, asmanifested in the ongoing shift in our national dialogue to include conversations on violence prevention, restorative justice and peacebuilding. We, at The Peace Alliance, know we have a distance to travel to create the world we all deserve. Yourcontinued financial support is key to our work as a leader in the movement to build a culture of peace.

In gratitude and partnership,

Matthew Albracht
and all the Staff and Board of The Peace Alliance

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with your personal Facebook network).

Want to make a tax-deductible donation? If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, you can contribute to our sister 501 c(3), the Peace Alliance Educational Institute. The Institute focuses on research, education, training and advocacy in support of domestic and international peacebuilding strategies. Please note: our c(3) status is still pending; however, you can still claim the deduction as we anticipate final approval going smoothly.



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