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A group of researchers supported by NGOs, companies and governments, have conceived and try to produce a $100 laptop. This computer is not really a marvel (no hard disk but a flash memory, a crank in order to deliver energy in case of power failure, WiFi, etc.). Very cheap, the objective is that every children of the world can have one.

Working thanks to Linux and supported by Google, all the ingredients seem to be combined to titillate the gigantic Bill Gates. His “appropriate” response, the Origami, has nothing in commun. Although it is very minimalist, its selling price (between $600 and $1000) place it complety wide of the mark!

Microsoft is not yet ready to make a low cost computer!

laptop laptop

To have more informations concerning the product, please visit this website:http://laptop.org/

A $100 laptop « .::funOFuture::..

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