Cancer has a Cure?

Sharing this type of information could get one killed… but we have a deliberate genocide to stop? While Cancer Research” focuses on “Cancer Treatment”, they deliberatelly and unethically ignore to release the “Prevention” and “The Cure” for Cancer (economic and depopulation purposes). If “The Cure” was released, then all these doctors and insurance and government insiders would lose their Mercedes and villas, they would be prosecuted for mass murder (Genoside), and hung by a pole? So, it is up to you and me to help people from getting deliberately KILLED by simply sharing THE CURE FOR CANCER with as many people as you can and as fast as possible in order to assure no “suppression” from “The Medical Industrial Complex”.


Why Do They Tell You Cancer has no cure?

  1. The most profitable thing civilization knows is “War”..
  2. The most profitable “War” ever “fought” by civilitation is the “War Against Cancer”..
  3. To release the cure for Cancer would destroy the most profitable venture civilitation knows.


How to effectively Eradicate Cancer “as easy a 1-2-3″?

  1. Take 10 “Blue Pills”, or have a Blue shake) 3 times a day..
  2. Take 10 “Red Pills” (or have a Red shake) 3 times a day..
  3. 1 Vial per day for 10 days, then – 1 Vial per week for 10 weeks, then – 1 Vial per month for the balance or until vials are gone. – Or – as Directed by Physician (and live healthy – see guide)


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