AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire | The Deadly Virus of International Greed

The Deadly Virus of Greed gone Internationally!

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AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire

The Deadly Virus of International Greed

Written by: Nancy Turner Banks MD

Table of Contents

ix Factors Known to Cause False-Positive HIV Antibody Test Results
xi Soft Money Contributions
xii AIDS: A Small Timeline of a Large Syndrome
1 The Big Lie and the Art of War
2 Silent Weapons
3 The Brothers Flexner, Allopathic Medicine, Lessons Learned from the British East India Company
4 HIV/AIDS: Sloppy Science or the Art of Deception?
5 The Deindustrialization of the Economic Core, More Immune Toxins, How China Fits into the Big Picture and the Death Knell for Dollar Hegemony
6 The British East India Company, Opium is King
7 Jackie-O’s Men, Drugs, Diamonds, and Oil for Empire, the AIDS Crucible
8 Maurice Tempelsman, HIV/AIDS and the U.S.–Israeli African Geopolitical Strategy
9 Kissinger and Nixon: China, Vietnam, Drugs, Cancer, and the HIV Connection
10 Iran-Contra and the Politics of Neighborhood Destruction and Cultural Disintegration, Oxidative Stressors and African AIDS
11 SMON, Pellagra, The Eugenics Blueprint for Creating and Sustaining a Medicanl Crisis
12 Burroughs Wellcome, The Eye of the Storm, Why Aids Drugs Cause AIDS
13 Why HIV is not Transmitted Sexually
14 What You Don’t Know About the HIV Antibody Test Can Kill You
15 What Is Causing Immune Deficiency?
16 Overcoming the HIV/AIDS paradigm by using “The Secret”
17 Therapeutic Considerations for HIV Positive and Aids Patients
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