Never forget, all those that die for you. God Bless USA.

This might piss off some of us, but keep the good over all the evil in the end please.  Found this somewhere and it struct a few neurons and nerves so I reacted thus way (my comment at the end feel free to add yours):

Are You Proud Of America?

Are you proud of America?
I know this post will make people upset, but things are what they are, and the truth cannot be hidden.
The only way to ‘change’ things is to face the ugly truths.

Can you tell me what you are now proud of?
Are you proud of the fact that since Roe vs Wade, we have allowed over 40 million babies to be murdered in ‘abortion?’, which we call ‘choice’? That we have candidates that would want ‘state sponsored’ aborted babies?

Are you proud of the divorce rate in America? Our country has more divorce than any other country in this world.
Are you proud of ‘gay pride?’, ‘gay marriage?’ 2 men marrying each other, 2 women marrying each other, in the sight of God, forcing the abomination in our churches, and our churches cowering to this abomination, ditto with synagogues?
Are you proud that we have umpteen chapters of A.A., and N.A. to help our sick nation deal with drug addicted people and folks that cannot stop drinking? Are you proud that we have candidates that are for legalizing drugs to make the scenerio worse? Are you proud that our kids are more ‘turned on’ by drugs than having a little family, and dare I say, a little white house with a picket fence?
Are you proud of the fact that we are close to 16 trillion in debt? Are you proud that you voted Obama, who said he would lower the debt, only to lie to you and increase it?
Are you proud that women parade themselves around, have sex with any man ‘regardless of color or creed’ as to ruin the identity of people all together? Are you proud that your potential new wife has probably been to bed with 15-20 men before you? With all races, etc? Proud that she is probably not pure?
Are you proud of feminism and how it has destroyed the family? Are you proud that you are a woman that is feminist that can drag your new x husband to court and take everything he owns? Wreck his life, deny him his children? Are you proud that you have latch key kids?
Are you proud of the fact that everything we have here, is made in China? EVERYTHING.
Proud that we have traitors within that would rather learn about murderous dictators, feeling sorry for people that hate us, and overall.. are the drek of society? Are you proud that your next door neighbor is probably a Communist or a NAZI? A TRAITOR?
Are you proud that we have a bunch of illegals and 3rd worlders living here that have NO intention of learning our history. No intention of even learning our language, yet somehow think we owe them something? Are you proud of over 35k American deaths due to illegals from the S. Americas? Our borders wide open, because the govt refuses to control them?
Are you proud that we have a military that is a bossy Police force? A Military who is sent to bomb places for no reason, except we have insanity in the White House on a massive power trip? Our Constitution completely ignored?
I could go on and on.
When I hear of “American exceptionalism” I really want to blow a gasket. Just what in the hell are we exceptional with? Sure, the 1980′s we had “Star Wars”, but what recently?
You can be proud of our past, because that is all we have to ‘feel good about’. Our young kids treat elders like trash and mouth off to their grandparents, who paved the way, only for these young brats to shit all over them. I am proud of our older vets, and some younger ones. But the only thing I ever feel ‘exceptional’ about is our elderly and the world they had with inventions, moral and principle.
Look for America only in books, it no longer exists in any type greatness.
So, sing your songs and pretend to be proud, I am no more.

My Comment:

No offense.. but this is bias. Anyone with history logic knows the bias is against those labeled Goyim.

For the record,

Obama wanted change (so did most of his voters… …but not his major campaign contributors.  Much less do the nationalStructures contributors want anything to go the way the President really wanted things to go, their interest foreign and domestic is monopolized in a very complex labyrinth that has been exposed for a while now.  Welcome to 2012!), but the wannabe elite that have power… choose to feed their desires of foreign interest while sucking life blood out of USA, MY NATION, the greatest nation of the world where you and many come to suck blood on like vampires, while many die, starve and search for solutions. Falling for tons of labyrinth type mazes set up to disarray and mislead poor folks. lol i pitty the fools that think they can get away with such crimes via long term dedication and syndicacy. Anonymous syndicate hackers have united to bring your movement to its knees. enjoy 2012, the time for Great Awakening… face your reality, the games are over. AYBBTU

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