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TOP 10 Pros and Cons


Church of the Universe

The Assembly of the Church of the Universe, an entheogen religion, was established by Walter Tucker in 1969 in the Canadian province of Ontario. The Church uses marijuanaas a sacrament and promotes nudity as a demonstration of human honesty.




Do not hurt yourself.The guiding rules of the church are variations on the Golden Rule:

  • Do not hurt anyone else.

Although often quoting from the Bible and other scriptures, the church denies a direct connection to Christianity. It also accepts as valid sources of inspiration ancient and modern sources such as the culture of Sumer, pagan holidays of the solsticesCanada Day, the Knights TemplarChaldeansGnostic Gospels and the Desiderata.

Their sacrament is cannabis, and followers are encouraged to smoke marijuana and use hemp products. They draw on accounts in Genesis and associate the Tree of Life with the hemp plant, additionally quoting Psalm 22:30 and Revelation 22:2,14.

Nudity also finds its origins in Genesis, since Adam and Eve were unclothed until they ate from the Tree of Knowledge rather than the Tree of Life. However, members are enjoined to cover their heads on any official occasion or when interacting with government agents. Each person is encouraged to do so as God directs. Nudism is no longer practiced in many communities within the Church of the Universe. Continue reading

THC Ministry

The THC Ministry, founded by Roger Christie from the Religion of Jesus Church, is a religion[1] which considers cannabis to be a sacrament. Members base their practices on what they see as an eclectic mixture of ancient wisdom, modern science, and the enlightening and healing properties of cannabis sacrament. Its mission includes “liberating thecannabis hemp plant and the minds of those who do and of those who do not revere it,” and is actively involved in the legal and social discussions surrounding cannabis use in society. On July 8, 2010, Christie and 13 other individuals allegedly associated with the THC Ministry were indicted by a Federal grand jury in Honolulu on Marijuana Possession and Trafficking charges.[2] Christie and seven other defendants remained in custody at the Federal Detention Center, Honolulu, awaiting a September 8, 2010 trial date.[3]




THC Ministry believes that “cultivation and enjoyment of cannabis sacrament is a fundamental human right provided by God and protected by the Constitution.” It states cannabisis the original sacrament of HebrewChristianMuslimHinduShintoBuddhistRasta and more, and fulfills the prophesies to ‘feed all our hungers’. It believes cannabis to be one of the main ingredients in the original Anointing Oil, as described in the Bible. Some members also believe it is the substance used in the Burnt Offerings at the altar and special occasions throughout the bible numerous times. Continue reading

The United Cannabis Ministry


United Cannabis Ministry   ~   (530) 403-9626   ~

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High – Full Movie – High Quality

”Let me issue and control a nation’s money and: I care not who writes the laws.”- Mayer Amschel Rothschild, 1790
“When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, They and not the leaders: of the government: control the situation, since the hand that: The Hand That Gives is above has no takes.Money: motherland, financiers are without: patriotism and: without decency; Their only object is gain. ”
– Napoleon Bonaparte
“The issue has swept Which Down the Centuries: Which and will have to be fought: Sooner Or Later: The People Versus is: the banks.” – Lord Acton

SuspiciousPatriOt (10 months ago) MAnny Badillo:Informing the head NAzi DHS, about WTC 7. Two friends Told Me The Same stOry Once, And separately Within a day of eAch: other And from: MAsonic sources … ThAt the Towers Were constructed: for the purpose of Their Destruction: And fOr the purpose: of blOod sAcrifice. ThAt it was no mistake, That at the foot: Of Those towers was: A bAnk’s Brother Called The SolOmon: hAd two massive: Towers in front: Of it, tO guard the temple, Jachin and Boaz. As my friend said to me – it wAs there ThAt wAs no mistake: A building At the foot of Salomon Called Those: Towers and That It, Also, was destroyed: thAt dAy. 911 WAs “Another” Inside Job

I know with bAnkers And oppressors of This Earth: They working on enslaving All. They financed All wars And still terrorizing: people.They Are Responsible for cAll Holoukaust know, Because: They wanted: only Jewish Israel.
Now people: should use: only co-OperativE bAnks. Better yet do not buy: if you do not hAve money. Bankers belong tO Jail likE in IcEland. Should people protest: AgAinst the FederAl ResErve BAnk. Continue reading

Long term use of Medical Cannabis by Federal Legal Patients

U.S.government-grown medical marijuana is sent to several patients remaining on the Investigational New Drugs program. In 2002, Elvy Musikka, George McMahon and Irvin Rosenfeld spoke to the Cannabis Therapeutics Conference in Portland, Oregon about their health and experience of 20 years using Medical Cannabis. Hosted by Mary Lynn Mathre, Patients Out of Time.
Long term use of Medical Cannabis by Federal Legal Patients, Part 1 (Complete)

At 2002 Cannabis Therapeutics Conference, Ethan Russo,MD presents results of comprehensive physical examinations of three patients recieving U.S. Government-grown medical marijuana over a 20 year period. The three patients are Elvy Musikka, George McMahon and Irvin Rosenfeld. Hosted by Patients Out of Time.
Long term use of Medical Cannabis by Federal Legal Patients, Part 2 (Complete)

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