Marijuana Policy Project Downloads Materials

Looking for materials to distribute in your community to help educate others about the need for marijuana policy reform? Download printer-friendly PDFs of some of MPP’s most popular brochures and other materials here.

briefing papers/handouts
sign-up sheets

 briefing papers/handouts

 Marijuana Prohibition Facts: MPP’s handout gives statistics on the failures of marijuana prohibition.  Medical Marijuana Briefing Paper: MPP’s handout lays out the case for safe and legal medical marijuana access.  

Medical Marijuana Patients: MPP’s handout introduces some of the casualties of marijuana prohibition.



Medical Marijuana Overview: MPP’s handout provides an overview of issues related to medical marijuana.


Support for Medical Marijuana: MPP’s handout demonstrates widespread public support for safe and legal medical marijuana.


 Join MPP: This brochure provides an overview of the need for marijuana policy reform, as well as MPP’s work and accomplishments.  Medical Marijuana: This brochure explains the need for safe and legal access to medical marijuana.  New Approach: This brochure offers a new approach to marijuana policy.
 Privacy: This brochure outlines the ways we protect your personal information.  Medical Marijuana Patients: This brochure explains how patients and their loved ones can help in the fight for safe and legal medical marijuana.
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