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This guy claims to realize that he can tell when others “can’t think right“.  “They can’t, they can’t they can’t” he repeatedly sais…  so he has basically side-benched faith and hope for anyone that “is not thinking right” according to him.  So, in order “to think right”… you’d probably have to think in line with the system forced upon the citizens lol, so be-careful if you don’t agree with the evil minions!  They could just “make you go crazy”. LMAO Got to love psychology, like any debate, the winner is the most powerful… the more sober you appear the better you are to these judgmental characters”. blah…

Cluster *#&%

  1. California and Bust | Business | Vanity Fair

    It wasn’t exposed yet to the same vicious cycle that threatened the financial life …… of Dr. Peter Whybrow, a British neuroscientist at U.C.L.A. with a theory about 

  2. [PDF]

    B&W September 2005 – UCLA Integrated Substance…/September%202005%20ISAP%20News.pdf

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    Sep 3, 2005 – Criminal Justice System Treatment: ISAP to Study Children Exposed to the Manufacture and Use of  Peter C. Whybrow, MD, UCLA. • Treating 


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Oct 19, 2010 – contacting the editor, uclA Medicine, 10920 Wilshire blvd., suite 1850, los Angeles, ….. volved in promoting disease to the criminal world. “The 

  1. May 30th, 2012
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