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”Let me issue and control a nation’s money and: I care not who writes the laws.”- Mayer Amschel Rothschild, 1790
“When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, They and not the leaders: of the government: control the situation, since the hand that: The Hand That Gives is above has no takes.Money: motherland, financiers are without: patriotism and: without decency; Their only object is gain. ”
– Napoleon Bonaparte
“The issue has swept Which Down the Centuries: Which and will have to be fought: Sooner Or Later: The People Versus is: the banks.” – Lord Acton

SuspiciousPatriOt (10 months ago) MAnny Badillo:Informing the head NAzi DHS, about WTC 7. Two friends Told Me The Same stOry Once, And separately Within a day of eAch: other And from: MAsonic sources … ThAt the Towers Were constructed: for the purpose of Their Destruction: And fOr the purpose: of blOod sAcrifice. ThAt it was no mistake, That at the foot: Of Those towers was: A bAnk’s Brother Called The SolOmon: hAd two massive: Towers in front: Of it, tO guard the temple, Jachin and Boaz. As my friend said to me – it wAs there ThAt wAs no mistake: A building At the foot of Salomon Called Those: Towers and That It, Also, was destroyed: thAt dAy. 911 WAs “Another” Inside Job

I know with bAnkers And oppressors of This Earth: They working on enslaving All. They financed All wars And still terrorizing: people.They Are Responsible for cAll Holoukaust know, Because: They wanted: only Jewish Israel.
Now people: should use: only co-OperativE bAnks. Better yet do not buy: if you do not hAve money. Bankers belong tO Jail likE in IcEland. Should people protest: AgAinst the FederAl ResErve BAnk.

pokerfacecom (3 weeks. ago) SAID:
In Regards to families D-bag: like the Rothschilds: And The REst of Their ilk …..
Arrest all of the: International bankers: cartels and Their / Seize all: Ill Gotten: GainEd assEts / Forfeiture – AssEts Gained: FRAUD thru, murdEr and gEnocide / Put on Trial – II likE NurembErg trials /: and if found guilty like The Not-SEes, then we exEcute Them off: the face: of the earth. Now That Is A REAL WORLD: ThosE looking for solution: solutions for rEal: to the problEms at hand.

STOP BANKING seigniorage
IS Immoral Extorted Justified Theft: by false national debt. National False: debt created out: through the issue of thin air: of Digitized: Fiat Debt Issues: Usury at monEy.
Usurers bleed the poor: to dEath and grow: fat on ThEir substance, and I who livE on alms, on the breEd of the poor, Marshall: I then be mutE: OutragEd charity before? Dogs bark: to proTEct: Those Who FeEd Them, and I, who am fEd by the poor, Shall I seE: ThEm robbed of What: Belongs to Them and kEep silent? SilencE is BEtrayal.

[Free Sovereign Human being]Who creates the money has the sole ultimate power of the creditor controlling everyone through false debt.
When a country cedes its most important responsibility, (issue of money) and allows a private corporation (Federal Reserve Bank) to Issue its money, That country no longer exists, its only an illusion. It is time for individuals to start taking actions. Time for self reliance. Time for resistance and time to end this debt slavery, lets end the

[Free Sovereign Human being]Depopulation agenda and release our species from the shackles of debt issue and the control mechanism, extorted theft called tax. Time to end the prison planet of debt slaves and move on into a new era.. Learn your humanity from yourself through nature.. Help humanity usher in a new era of enlightenment and freedom.

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