Hemp Oil – A Testimony From Mr. Cullins – Not To Be Missed

My interview with Mr. Cullins is the testimony of the truth of hemp oil and the liberation of your health. Forever. If there was a shadow of doubt of Rick Simpsons story now you’ll hear Mr. Cullins. Celebrate today and know you can take back your health.
Source: http://www.achieveradio.com/archplayer.php?showname=Cash%20Flow%20with%20Jame…




  1. Excellent interview. Thank you for posting this video. Mr Cullins sounds like a very humble and compassionate person. We need more people like him in this greed driven world. Overgrow the government! and take back your health. Dont be scared of any government’s laws. Your life and health is more important than ANY laws! Rick Simpson’s Oil (RSO) **really** heals!

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