√ it I am here by exposing the secret to creating the domino effect you all need for this plant to be set free along with the minds of all humans.

We still need a DOX of the individuals behind these massacre departments. Lets get ’em!! #PUFMM #OpCannabis

Let’s go, the police and soldiers are now awaking to this nightmare. We must have non-confrontational nonviolent nonphysical civil disobedience. THATS THE KEY< PASS THIS ONE URGENTLY!!!

T34M V3ndeTT4

Greetings From Anonymous and Team Vendetta,

After careful consideration and much debate within the 420 community it has been decided that Operation Cannabis 420 needs to evolve beyond marches and social networking campaigns and we have decided to concentrate on communications and outreach. Therefore the operation has been upgraded and the following has been decided:

1) Instead of yet another march, Team Vendetta will be organizing and building a live streaming web site that encompasses all of the Global Marijuana March in each city so the world can watch and follow the march as it travels around the earth. We will also be building and organizing a website for cannabis live streams that exist today and will exist tommorow on the web. As part of this effort we will be recruiting live streamers to cover the Million Marijuana March (aka Global Marijuana March or World Marijuana March). We are hoping…

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