A Warning for the Tampa Convention & GA’s!

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This Is a warning for what may be expected from those who want to paint a bad picture of Ron Paul Supporters: Problem – Reaction – Solution


How can we separate ourselves from those who plan to cause chaos? A bit of planning and a little investment could go a long ways and could shine light on this problem… Your ideas are appreciated!

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County Sheriff

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Become friends with your county sheriff. [hint: work on their campaign]

Invite him/her to your event. If needed he can deputize citizen security and they can arrest violent protesters…

Don’t wear black.

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These guys tend to wear black. Get out the word. Don’t wear black.

We could get our own security with express instructions to eject the trouble makers.

— “You only live free if your willing to die free.”

does this…

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Freak anyone out??? That we are on the brink of economic collapse, and … this sort of shenanigans is being allowed. I keep saying that there is a sub rosa effort to get Romney into office, because he will have no qualms about pulling a Nixon and putting the national guard around the country. Eventually, the NG will shoot someone, then like in the 60’s the protests will end, and the sheep will go back to their corrals. AT least I think that is what they expect.

This is from 1999 WTO Protests

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This is from 1999 WTO protests, FYI. It’s a little history, so we aren’t doomed to repeat it, hopefully. The main point is that you must realize, there may be people that show up with the purpose of causing trouble. These people need to be isolated and anyone breaking the law by violence or property damage be arrested.

Know your company!! Don’t ever march or hang out with folks you..

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can’t vouch for. This doesn’t mean you have to know them like your own family member, but that you bounce a few questions off of them to get a good feel if the guy or girl knows what’s up. I say this is extremely easy for someone who has really been following the freedom movement and who really knows their stuff!! I can’t imagine any of the real trouble makers being well read, well versed, well informed, and knowing all the stuff that a true die hard RP supporter would know!!JCM

I wonder what would happen if

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I wonder what would happen if one of the business owners were to shoot and kill one or more of the anarchists destroying their property??

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