Emails May Reveal Obama’s Motive in Medical Marijuana Crackdown

Posted by  at 6:07 PM on June 8, 2012

Latest Emails Show the Extent Of Obama’s Ties To The Pharmaceutical Industry

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On the campaign trail Barack ‘Blaze a Blunt’ Obama promised not to sell out to special interests, but to stand up for change. Yet when big pharma came knocking at his door with a pile of money, he quickly changed his tune. The latest batch of emails released by House Republicans prove Obama will give in to any industry, so long as it serves his personal political purpose regardless of promises made to the contrary.

Back in 2009, drug industry lobbyists sought to stop Obama from supporting a bill aimed at lowering medicine prices by allowing the reimportation of certain pharmaceuticals. The obvious lever: support for his plan to overhaul healthcare. On June 3, 2009, a lobbyist sent an email to the presidents chief healthcare advisor, Nancy-Ann DeParle. Her response was that the administration had “made a decision, based on how constructive you guys have been, to oppose importation on the bill.”

During his campaign, Obama attacked the pharmaceutical industry, but as we all now know, when the chips are down, Obama folds like a wallet. The emails also detail Obama’s deep reliance on big pharma to finance the adevertising campaign in support of his healthcare overhaul. With Obama on the end of big pharma’s leash, no wonder he continues to crackdown on medical marijuana.

Basically, the prescription drug industry gave Obama 80 billion dollars in support of his healthcare plan in exchange for favorable treatment on other issues. From the beginning Obama promised to open up the decision making process to public view, but when the big drug boys came calling, all bets were off, and Obama starting making back-room deals.  I wonder how many back-room deals he’s made with respect to cannabis?

As an example of Obama’s two-faced dealings consider this email sent by  a union boss after meeting with Jim Messina, Obama’s then Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, to discuss financing the healthcare overhaul advertising campaign, “They plan to hit up the ‘bad guys’ for most of the $, they want us to just put in enough to be able to put our names in it — he is thinking @100K.”

Ultimately, the deals were made, and Obama gave up his principles for dough. Bryant Hall, then senior vice president of the pharmaceutical group, said it best, “We got a good deal.”

Democrats have rushed to the President’s defense claiming it’s just business as usual. Hold on just a minute. I seem to remember something about change. Beyond his general statements, Obama specifically attacked big pharma on the campaign trail stating:

The pharmaceutical industry wrote into the prescription drug plan that Medicare could not negotiate with drug companies. And you know what? The chairman of the committee who pushed the law through went to work for the pharmaceutical industry making $2 million a year. That’s an example of the same old game playing in Washington. You know, I don’t want to learn how to play the game better. I want to put an end to the game playing.

Yeah right bud. We now know that was just the sort of double talk we’ve come to expect from Obama. I hope when his head stops spinning it’s still facing forward, or ‘Million Dollar Mitt’ might beat him in November. Obama had better snap out of it before it’s too late. I really don’t want see how bad things can become in this country under another dunderheaded Republican–do you?

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    • aka Th Floridabadger 1 hour ago

      Just where in Sams Hill ARE all these emails? Show me! Don’t just BS me!!

    • Lcfmiami 2 hours ago

      That’s sad. Politics are sad. Bad with Obama imagine if a republican win? We the people(marijuana users) are doomed.

    • The President “made a decision, based on how constructive you guys have been, to oppose importation on the bill.” by chief healthcare advisor, Nancy-Ann DeParle

      “They plan to hit up the ‘bad guys’ for most of the $, they want us to just put in enough to be able to put our names in it — he is thinking @100K.” by a Union Boss.

      Bryant Hall, then senior vice president of the pharmaceutical group, said it best, “We got a good deal.”

      Here are the emails I have found so far. I will continue to update the post as I find more relevant emails. Keep in mind, it’s not like we’re going to get a smoking gun here. Obama is cunning. But, we can deduce his motives from what his lackies, and enemies have said on his behalf, and about discussions with the President.

    • Obama has lied about not cracking down on Medical Marijuana, bring an end to the war, bringing the troops home, having a “yes we can” and mean it intent on the economy. What has he not lied about, health care? Yeah right, you better wake up folks if he is in bed with the big pill mills to the tune of $80 billion do you really think for a minute the health care plan he put in place is a good thing for any of us? Can you trust Mitt Romney, HELL NO, but MAY not be as bad as Obama will be. Just think of how Obama will screw us if he does not have to worry about another election, he will have nothing to loose and everything to gain.
      My question to you is why even talk about Obama or Romney, when there is still a chance of Ron Paul being on the ballot and we know that Gary Johnson will be on it for sure. Imagine what could happen if the names Obama & Romney were never spoken again until after the election, I bet those 2 would not be President of the United States!!
      Every time their names are spoken they just got advertisement, so who do you want to get the most advertisement? Also don’t fall into the trap of the labels of Democrats & Republicans and not vote for a guy you don’t think has a chance of winning cause that is how the wrong guy wins every time.

    •  I would NEVER vote for Ron Paul…EVER!  Yes, I want cannabis legalized.  I want it VERY badly, but NOT so badly that I’m willing to have a LUNATIC like Paul destroying necessary things like the Department of Education.  That man is INSANE and I don’t want to live in HIS “you’re on your own” world.…   I would NEVER support this crazy man.

    • With all of Obama’s complete turn arounds on so many important issues these past four years, Do you often imagine what the next 4 years will bring us, or not bring us, If he is voted in again,, Obama has gone back on his word on many issues throughout his time in the White House and the past over a year now, it has been pure HELL with him,, He has shown that his word means nothing,, He is a liar and a cheat.. He has not and will not address all sides of the Marijuana issue, It’s his destructive ways of dealing with it or no way at all.. How does one, (at what ever age),, who has partaken in using Marijuana get so violently one sided on what to do here..From his experience, He knows Marijuana is not the evil drug.. It’s all money and that makes me sick and scared for the future of our relationship with Marijuana,,,,

    •  And Mint (R)money is a warped, twisted, dangerous, misogynistic, oligarchic, theocratic,
      bigoted, environment-hating, monster.  I’m sticking with President Obama, thanks.

    • Let’s not forget, big pharma have a vested interest in marijuana as they are currently patenting and licencing it for the treatment of a range of conditions such as MS. The don’t want home growers undercutting them when they begin to market it.

    • Skywolf Neal Smith 8 hours ago

      Neither Obama nor Romney, nor either of the two mainstream Parties are going to help the people. They are all beholden to the corporations, and until we get out of this Democrat-Republican thing and stop doing what we’re doing, we’re going to keep getting what we’re getting. Jill Stein and the Green Party is 100% behind relegalization of Marijuana. Yes, the Greens can win if we quit saying they can’t and vote for them.

    • Is 80$ Billion worth  the price to maintain Cannabis ilegalize and uses inner-cities men as a Comodity in For Profit Prison System? Each day/month more States are legailzing Medical Cannabis,we,er now at 17 States that have some form of legailzation, when we reach 25-30 States,what then? It,s time to make Cannabis/Hemp a States Rights issue. and vote for it in what ever form the Citizen , vote on,and tax it . A Oppressive government is more to be feared than ,a Tiger  If you ever wonder how they got away with it (1932-1945) your watching it, and been a part of Reagan,s ” JIM CROW” Drug War Laws  and to be a part of this, make “U.S.” no better then those put on Trial in “Nuremberg”!

    • saracsit 12 hours ago

      Not at all. I’ve been pissed off at Obama since his first year. To be fair, he has gotten some things through. I like the health care plan, the repeal of DADT, the fact he admitted same sex marriage is no big deal, etc. I don’t like the concessions he has made, the promises he has broken, the fact that he’s not a concise speaker, but especially his backtracking on Marijuana.
      My vote will be for Obama, but not because I like him, because I don’t want the other guy to win. I have not forgotten 8 frigging years of Bush.
      I propose we keep pushing him to address marijuana especially here in Colorado which is a battleground state and has Amendment 64 on the ballot this November. This is getting a lot of press. The campaign has beeen on CNN, Huffington Post, other states who are watching and following closely behind. Ive been campaigning with them and the response is enthusiastic, to say the least. We have billboards, commercials and I hear some $$ to make some more commercials as well.
      At the very, very least I’d like him to say. I will call off the hounds & reign the Justice Department in.
      Am I dreaming when I wish for straight talk and answers from him? Why won’t he seriously address this? I hope he gets it at all the debates. Wouldn’t that be fun!

    • Sharonday6 15 hours ago

      I for one will not be voting for either this time! I call Obama every week and I tell his office I will not be voting for his re-election unless he at the very least reschedules cannabis by November! I will be voting Gary Johnson! If Obama does not wise up he will be defeated, and Romney is VERY scary guy!!! Anyone that puts on a police uniform and puts a red light on top of their car and pulls ppl over is quite a sick individual! Weather you are just a boy in college or not!!!

    •  Yes, Mint (R)money is a VERY scary guy and I think we all have a responsibility to do WHATEVER is necessary to make sure that he and the rest of his dangerous, misogynistic, oligarchic, theocratic,
      bigoted, environment-hating,  Koch-whore party does NOT get the opportunity to finish off the utter destruction of the working class in this country that they started under Bush.

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