Ending Marijuana Prohibition

Emails May Reveal Obama's Motive in Medical Marijuana CrackdownLatest Emails Show the Extent Of Obama’s Ties To The Pharmaceutical Industry On the campaign trail Barack ‘Blaze a Blunt’ Obama promised not to sell out to special interests, but to stand up for change. Yet when big pharma came knocking at his door with a pile of money, he quickly [Click Here To Continue Reading]

Bill O'Reilly Opposes Marijuana Decrim Because It Might Reduce Racial ProfilingBy Scott Morgan This week’s exciting news that Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg are backing an effort to end New York City’s mindless marijuana arrest crusade didn’t exactly result in a round of applause at the FOX News studios. Here’s Bill O’Reilly babbling about it.   O’Reilly says the cops [Click Here To Continue Reading]

Alabama Cities Censor Medical Cannabis Advocates Right To Free SpeechBy Ron Crumpton There are many wonderful nonprofits working in the state of Alabama trying to change state law on a variety of issues. These groups are of great importance in the state political structure. Unlike federal legislators, most state legislators do not have a staff, and these nonprofits often [Click Here To Continue Reading]

Marijuana Legalization – The Civil Rights Battle It’s Still OK To MockI’m the epitome of the marijuana legalization “movement” that Chez Pazienza mocks and demeans in his latest Huffington Post piece entitled “Reefer Madness”.  Pazienza seems to think those of us fighting to end our War on (Certain American Citizens Using Non-Pharmaceutical, Non-Alcoholic Tobacco-Free) Drugs are just unabashed hedonists hiding behind[Click Here To Continue Reading]

Marijuana Reform Becoming A Major Issue In French PoliticsBy Phillip Smith Just days before the first round of French parliamentary elections, the Socialists and their probable junior partner in a new governing coalition, the Greens, are at odds over marijuana policy. While the spat is unlikely to undo the electoral pact between the two parties, it has pushed [Click Here To Continue Reading]

Marijuana Policy And The Accelerating Pace Of ChangeSupport For Marijuana Reform Is Growing Rapidly Ernest Hemingway once wrote that a man goes broke “at first, very slowly, then all at once.” That is very much what happens with outdated ideas as well. A national Rasmussen poll last week asked 1,000 likely voters if they would support legalizing marijuana and [Click Here To Continue Reading]

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Is Hiring!LEAP is Hiring: Assistant Media Relations Director My friend Tom Angell over at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition passed along the job opportunity below. I can’t think of too many other opportunities like this one out there. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is an amazing organization, and the lucky candidate that fills [Click Here To Continue Reading]

Rhode Island General Assembly Overwhelmingly Decriminalizes Possession Of Marijuana  Rhode Island General Assembly Overwhelmingly Decriminalizes Possession Of Small Amounts Of Marijuana Earlier this evening, June 5, 2012, the Rhode Island General Assembly overwhelming approved twin bills that would – for most offenses – remove the threat of jail time for the simple possession of marijuana. The companion bills – [Click Here To Continue Reading]

Coalition Planning Massive Push To Pressure State Leaders To Pass Legislation To End Marijuana Possession Arrests In New YorkCoalition Planning Massive Push to Pressure State Leaders to Pass Legislation That Would End the 50,000+ Annual Unlawful, Biased, Costly Marijuana Possession Arrests in New York Major Online Advocacy Campaign Features Powerful Video Testimonials; Hundreds Traveling to Albany to Pressure State Leaders Drive to Pass Bi-Partisan Legislation Comes on Heels [Click Here To Continue Reading]

Miss USA Candidates Field Questions About MarijuanaMarijuana Reform And The Miss USA Pageant By Amber Langston, National Cannabis Coalition In light of the recent Miss USA pageant, I would like to note that the directors there have done an enormous courtesy in asking all contestants their opinion on marijuana legalization, along with a few other preliminary questions which [Click Here To Continue Reading]

Vermont Begins Accepting Dispensary Applications The Green Rush is on in Vermont Last year, the Vermont legislature passed a bill allowing up to four privately owned and operated dispensaries. Hopeful dispensary owners can now finally begin submitting applications for one of those four licenses. At last count, Vermont had over 400 patients, and 68 registered [Click Here To Continue Reading]



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