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Pro Grower Reveals Hi-Yield Marijuana Technique That Uses No EquipmentWhat Is Marijuana ‘Super Cropping’? May 29, 2012, San Francisco, Ca –, a website about growing marijuana indoors, publishes article which reveals a simple hi-yield marijuana growing tactic called “Super Cropping.”. First released in their private newsletter with the name “Super Cropping, High-Stress Training, and Marijuana Yields,” the paper was [Click Here To Continue Reading]

Do Utilities Tell Cops About Marijuana Gardens With High Electricity Bills?Do Power Companies Call Law Enforcement If A House Uses A Lot Of Electricity? One of the biggest urban legends in the marijuana world is that if your electricity bill is too high the power company will tell the cops and they will raid your marijuana garden.  As long as [Click Here To Continue Reading]

How To Grow Purple Marijuana

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How To Grow Purple MarijuanaHere’s a great article from our friends at Seed Mine. By Burny Canterbury All plants–well, all medical marijuana strains–are purple. Before you throw your bong at the screen, let me backtrack with a little precursor botany lesson. When chlorophyll works and captures sunlight, it’s green. When zanaphyll captures sunlight, it’s [Click Here To Continue Reading]

Jorge Cervantes Explains Different Marijuana StrainsLearn about different marijuana strains from an expert, Jorge Cervantes Picking or determining a marijuana strain can be complicated, especially to someone that is new to medical or recreational marijuana.  Luckily marijuana expert Jorge Cervantes was kind enough to make this video explaining some differences between different kinds of marijuana.

How To Collect Marijuana Pollen And Use ItAll the Young Dudes: Cannabis Pollen Collection and Use by Subcool Pot magazines like High Times are famous for publishing amazing pictures of cannabis flowers of mostly the female species. Cannabis is a dioecious plant, which means that the male and female flowers develop on separate plants, although monoecious examples [Click Here To Continue Reading]

How To Make Marijuana Clones

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How To Make Marijuana ClonesCloning by Subcool I have a secret to share with you. We do not keep mother plants! Mother plants count in total plant numbers, use up electricity while being kept in the vegetative state, and take up valuable space as they get bigger. Long ago we realized we could do [Click Here To Continue Reading]

Q & A with Jorge Cervantes: The Man Who Loves CannabisInterview With Marijuana Growing Expert Jorge Cervantes Cannabis Correspondent, Liz Sexton digs through the mystic and lore behind author & horticulturalist Jorge Cervantes for some fun Q & A. Jorge Cervantes, the renowned cultivator with a cult-like following, has been sharing some fresh secrets with a totally new look! Gone [Click Here To Continue Reading]

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