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Hemp Cocktail Party Benefit For Bringing It Home, A Hemp Documentary In ProductionCome to the Hemp Cocktail Party In Hollywood What: Hemp Cocktail Party Benefit for BRINGING IT HOME, Documentary in Production When: Friday June 8, 2012 • 7:00 -8:30 PM Where: Glass Slipper Studio, 12428 Oxnard St., N. Hollywood, CA 91606 Who: Producer Linda Booker presenting a short preview of documentary in progress, [Click Here To Continue Reading]

Support Hemp Amendment To Farm Bill

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Support Hemp Amendment To Farm BillOregon Senator To Introduce Hemp Farming Amendment I received the following alert from Christina Volgyesi, Project Coordinator for Hemp History Week: Today we have a huge opportunity. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) will be introducing a hemp farming amendment to Farm Bill that would allow U.S. farmers to once again grow industrial hemp. This [Click Here To Continue Reading]

The World Needs Hemp

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The World Needs HempLegalize Industrial Hemp To Help Save Our Planet By Anthony Johnson Hemp—an environmentally friendly, sustainable crop with aplethora of uses—is legal to grow in several countries, including Canada and China. However, for some reason the United States is missing out on the agricultural rewards and has to rely on imports [Click Here To Continue Reading]

Hemp Fuel Revolution

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Hemp Fuel RevolutionLegalize Hemp To Help Save The World By Anthony Johnson As many Americans embark on road trips of varying lengths this Memorial Day weekend, or avoid such trips because of the rising cost of gasoline, we should all be reminded that hemp biofuel could provide a fuel alternative that can [Click Here To Continue Reading]

What Is The 'Idaho H.O.P.E. Fest'?Idaho ‘Hemp Offers People Everything’ Festival I hope you can make it to the Idaho H.O.P.E. Fest on September 30th, 2012 at Ann Morrison Park in Boise, Idaho.  Below is some information from the Idaho H.O.P.E. Fest website: Greetings from the Idaho HOPE Fest. HOPE stands for Hemp Offers People [Click Here To Continue Reading]

Hash Bash: Sinclair, DeAngelo And The Continued Call For ActivismHash Bash Is This Saturday By Rick Thompson 41 years ago or so a fellow named John Sinclair was arrested for two marijuana joints. These arrests are still happening in Michigan. That action prompted artists, activists and ordinary citizens to rally in support of the convicted; the Michigan Supreme Court [Click Here To Continue Reading]

How To Make Banana Bread Hemp Pancakes

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How To Make Banana Bread Hemp PancakesBanana Bread Protein Pancakes Recipe From Tempt Below is a recipe that was sent to me by the Hemp History Week campaign: Yield: 2-4 servings Ingredients: Dry 1/2 cup whole wheat flour 1/2 cup AP flour 2T Tempt Vanilla Spice Protein Powder 1t cinnamon 2T baking powder 1t baking soda pinch of [Click Here To Continue Reading]


What Is The ‘US Hemp Museum?’

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What Is The 'US Hemp Museum?'The U.S. Hemp Museum U.S. Hemp Co. is a  non-profit organization dedicated to revealing hemp’s great potential to help solve many of our environmental, financial, and social challenges.  Originally located in downtown Santa Cruz, CA, we are now in cyberspace to reach the masses. Hemp is now grown commercially in [Click Here To Continue Reading]

America's Most Popular President Was A 'Hempster'Update: National Public Radio reports that more books have been written about Abraham Lincoln than any other human who has ever lived–second only to Jesus Christ. More than 15,000 books have been penned about ol’ Abe. An impressive 35-foot high tower representing these numerous literary works is found at Ford’s [Click Here To Continue Reading]

New Hampshire HR 20 Would Urge Feds To Allow Hemp

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New Hampshire HR 20 Would Urge Feds To Allow HempNew Hampshire HR 20 Full Text HR 20 – AS INTRODUCED 2012 SESSION 12-2652 08/05 HOUSE RESOLUTION 20 A RESOLUTION urging the federal government to allow the cultivation of hemp for industrial purposes. SPONSORS: Rep. Owen, Merr 4 COMMITTEE: Environment and Agriculture ANALYSIS This resolution urges the federal government to[Click Here To Continue Reading]


The Text Of Jack Herer's Last Marijuana InitiativeJack Herer Was The Leader Of The Marijuana Movement For Multiple Decades The following is the last wording of the initiative Jack tried to get on the ballot before he passed away in 2010. He had been working on this since the 1970′s. If you are an activist in a state that allows [Click Here To Continue Reading]

California Cannabis Hemp And Health Initiative 2012 Full TextCalifornia Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative 2012 FINAL WORDING SUBMITTED ON 11/15/2011 PROPOSED REVISIONS TO THE 2010 INITIATIVE WORDING: AN ACT TO AMEND THE HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE OF CALIFORNIA: I. Add Section 11362.4 to the Health and Safety Code of California, such laws and policies shall control any contrary laws [Click Here To Continue Reading]

Tell Governor To Sign The California Industrial Hemp Farming ActGovernor Can Help California Economy, Farmers and the Environment by Signing New Industrial Hemp Farming Bill SB 676 is Supported by Kings and Kern County Sheriffs, Local Governments, Leading Unions, Businesses and Farming Groups   SACRAMENTO, CA – Vote Hemp and the Hemp Industries Association, the nation’s leading grassroots organizations [Click Here To Continue Reading]

Hempstalk 2011Last weekend the Pacific Northwest was blanketed with haze; but, not from the forest fires. This year’s Hempstalk here in Portland, Oregon was awesome! First, we were greeted by countless booths selling anything and everything marijuana lovers could want. After hours of browsing the plethora of glassware, it was time [Click Here To Continue Reading]

How To Make Hemp Seed Granola

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How To Make Hemp Seed GranolaHemp Seed Granola Recipe I met this guy on LinkedIn. With so much processed crap food out there, it’s nice to see someone using a truly magical product – HEMP SEED!!! Make sure to check out his site and pick up some hemp seeds today!

Industrial Hemp - A Golden Opportunity for California BusinessBy California Senator Mark Leno If you like shopping at your local natural foods or specialty grocery store, you’ve probably noticed the growing popularity of hemp as an ingredient in food and skin care products. Hemp seed, which is high in protein and essential fatty acids, is found in everything [Click Here To Continue Reading]

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