Cannabis Quilt


We are excited to share “Mom’s for Marijuana’s plans” for an extraordinary display of solidarity

called the Cannabis Quilt.


Inspired by the tremendous statement and awareness caused by

the Aids Memorial Quilt,

we are working with our members to complete a Quilt

that represents a showing of solidarity and unity in our demands for the legalization of Cannabis.
Then, beginning in October of 2012, our quilt will be sent across the United States to be on public display through a series of regional conferences/rallies, at which our members will gather to raise awareness and network with others within our communities.


After each conference series, we will create a new design,

accept new patches, and add new panels to the quilt, in a hopes to continue these conferences through out the years…

until our voices have been heard and Cannabis prohibition has been repealed.




We would be thrilled to have you be a part of this historic and memorable event by volunteering to create a patch for the quilt.

You don’t need to be experienced in quilting, or sewing.

Just sign up for a patch, and someone will be in touch to help you get started and answer any questions.


Our current design calls for 50 state patches, and 12 Cannabis leaf patches.
If you would like to volunteer, you can sign up for a patch here.


If you would like to donate to help fund this campaign please visit

our wepay account-


Donate with WePay


If you have any questions, please email








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