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William Randolph Hearst was a leading newspaperman whose influence on politics reached far and wide. In this video with Kenneth Whyte, author of The Uncrowned King: The Sensational Rise of William Randolph Hearst,http://www.WatchMojo.com learns more about his involvement and influence in leading the United States into war against Spain over Cuba in the Spanish-American war.


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  • 100% Complete bullshit coming from the man and that woman, what a sycophant.

    jpstenino 1 year ago 3 

  • This guy is insulting the intelligence of the American public… He probably thinks that we went to Iraq spread democracy or fight terrorism instead of trying to get control of their Oil… or we had a war with Mexico to remember El Alamo instead of taking their lands all the way to California… or that we created the country of Panama to save them from being a province of Colombia instead or our interest of constructing a canal… sure… we are always the good guys…

    mar0113 1 year ago 2 

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This video is a response to Yellow Journalism: Origins and Definition
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  • BULLSHYT, Research “Francisco Vicente Aguilera”…. USA took advantage and stole money and all sorts of bonds (CORPORATIONS< SUGAR PLANTATIONS, planned to be run by secret CIA operatives including but not limited to Castro and many other uneducated minions) and gold/jewels to pretend they were going to help! WOW FRAUD IN HISTORY… AMERICA SUCKS!!!! BORN AND RAISED IN DADE AND EVERYDAY MORE BULLSHYT FLOATS UP TO THE LIGHT!!!

    MiamiRSVP 1 second ago

  • Cuba would be a much better place if Spain had remained in control. USA also fucked up mexico with imperialist wars

    dmax631 2 months ago

  • @Choblik they believed that William Randolph Hearst was the starting point of the war, he used yellow journalism, or simply propaganda to bring in the citizens at that time. People then thought did the Spanish fleet actually destroy the USS Maine? then a group of scuba divers dived in to check on the ship and it turned out the thermodynamic engine exploded which maybe a cause of the explosion on the ship 😦

    SuperTrigga3 4 months ago

  • Didnt Hearst made up a war?  Why do people like Spain?  It’s seems to be troublesome for many like Israel.

    Choblik 6 months ago

  • LaVey likes to work from dusk to dawn. LaVey sports a Van Dyke beard, and a head shaved in the same fashion of executioners during the middle ages. Most of his followers never see him. Although LaVey has gotten wide press coverage, thanks to William Randolph Hearst’s newspapers and his publishing companies like Avon, LaVey is a very secretive person and very rarely shows himself to even his high priests, or even talks to them.

    RODY63 9 months ago

  • what a fucking clown. The US sympathised with Cuba philosophically? Don’t say bullshit: they wanted to squeeze Cuba just like the Spanish Empire did. But they took over Cuba with no difficulty, and then screwed up and managed to have the URSS 13 miles away. If the had left Cuba as a part of the Spanish Empire, there wouldn’t have been any conflict or problem. Stupid and colonialist americans.

    ricardodiazbromas 11 months ago

  • Complete bullshit

    sullivanokaine 1 year ago

  • yeah you’re basically right but I didn’t think he was portraying Hearst as being totally pure but we both know the major factors were his imperialistic attitude and selling newspapers By the way my Grandmother once told me she remembered the end of the Spanish Armerican war because she remembers her father (my great grandfather) setting off fireworks out in the street She must have about 4 years old or so

    elamite66 1 year ago

  • Well as long as Hearst’s motives were pure, then it’s okay that the public was lied to about Spain blowing up the USS Maine to justify the war. And it’s okay that the US gov’t wrote the Cuban constitution which gave the US veto power over anything the Cuban gov’t tried to do. And it’s okay that the US annexed the Philippines and launched a brutal invasion & occupation of that country. Never advocate for the gov’t to intervene in a foreign country’s war!

    LSDNY 2 years ago

  • I don’t see why you think Hearst’s motives are portrayed as being pure, sure Hearst had imperialistic motives but he also probably did believe in the Cuban insurgents He was not either pure of heart or pure evil Well I can see you know the subject probably better than I do Maybe you can tell me why we annexed Guam but not the rest of the Marianas Islands or the Marshalls or Carolines which were purchased from Spain by Germany and then awarded to Japan in 1919 and the US in 1945? curious?

    elamite66 in reply to LSDNY 1 year ago

  • I was responding to this author’s statement that Hearst’s encouragement of the US government to intervene in Cuba was heroic. I don’t consider agitating for war when it can be avoided to be heroic under any circumstances. Seems pretty obvious this guy is characterizing his motives as pure. But that shouldn’t be celebrated when the aftermath of this war turned out to be so disgraceful on the part of the US government, just like all wars.

LSDNY in reply to elamite66 1 year ago

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