#Op Israel – Defeat The Child Abuse

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    LOOK CHECK IT OUT, IF YOUR JUST HERE TO FIGHT ISRAEL, Then leave! We are here to stop the killing of children in both countries, We don’t care who’s right or wrong, What their religion is, or where they are from. We are here to defend innocence that is being slaughtered. Any demonstration of HATE will get you BANNED very fast. Now that that is out of the way, let’s move on.
    Okay so Here’s how it’s going to go, We are already getting support for the Israel OP. And to not be Bias, I’ve talked to a few people outside of the op, We will spend 3 days on Israel, And finally finishing with Palestine. During these 2, 3 day ops, We will be attacking Gov IP’s as well as any banks supporting the war (if we can find the ip’s) I think this is the best form of attack without being bias in anyway shape or form. I hope I still hold your support. Thanks for your time and support. If you do not agree with this decision, You are free to change to decline event and i will not hold it against you, This is a very controversial subject, and i’m trying to do this OP in a way where everyone is happy, and no one is offended.

    OPIsrael has gotten ENORMOUS public support. The operation hasn’t even started yet and they are writing about it.
    The event is NOW public (my apologies) Please share and join our cause
    Calling ALL Anon’s! We need support to stop the massacring of innocent children in Palestine and Israel. Here are a few images to show you exactly what we are fighting.

    Please, help us stop the slaughtering of innocence.
    Join our cause,

    I warn you, those pictures may be disturbing.
    Come, Join, Share this post, Help us stop the loss of innocent life.

    ISRAEL :
    www.mfa.gov.il port 80 foreign office
    www.bankisrael.gov.il ( port 80
    www.pmo.gov.il ( port 80
    www.aipac.org Port 80
    www.leumi.co.il BANK
    www.fibi.co.il ports / 80 / 443


    More targets to be added in next couple days, Thanks for your patience.

    We are Anonymous
    We are Legion
    We do not Forgive
    We do not Forget
    Expect Us Children, We are coming to help…..

‎~Fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Anonymous

~T3 www.israelemb.org IP ports: 80 /443

~Fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Anonymous Fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Embassy of Israel in Washington D.C.


The Embassy of Israel in Washington, D.C. acts as a liaison to strengthen the ties and increase diplomatic relations between the two governments.

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