How to use Smartphone apps to manage your Loyalty Program

Punch cards, plastic cards on your key ring and loyalty cards may soon be a thing of the past. New Smartphone apps are not only going to replace them, they are also providing businesses with a ton of useful information about customers. Here is a look at a few loyalty-card apps that can help businesses attract new customers and reward their fans.

Cardstar allows users to register their cards and the bar-code information is stored on users’ phones. CardStar provides purchase data that helps business owners tailor promotions. So far more than 2 million consumers have downloaded the free app.

Cardagin targets mostly neighborhood businesses. Businesses can send daily coupons to individual customers, using information that each user has applied to Cardagin. The service can supply, for instance, a customer’s birthday or the type of sandwich he or she bought.

Checkout can be used as a loyalty card app or as a credit or debit app after users provide their bank card information. Businesses can keep tabs on loyalty members’ shopping activities and can offer promotions based on users’ ages, locations, and card activity.

Placepop offers location-based check-ins linked to a rewards card. Users can suggest rewards they would like to receive.


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