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Yesterday I was harassed by the boys in blue in Dade County.   For those that do not know, that is also known as Miami, Florida.

The corruption in police and their syndicates work like gangs, with code words numbers, gestures and even different names for ‘their communities’.  Every heard “Stroke em 39” ?  39 means Prisoner… their fear tactics range wide with the pursuit of taking you in for their quotas (when doing their legal job) if not pray their pockets are filled fat with no more room for whatever they wanna steal from you. (I know of this due to community service I did before where I met four different young officers of different ethnicities and even one lady.  They were on Police Probation for robbery and sales of narcotics WHILE ON THE JOB.  So I know very well how sleazy these guys get after being bored of hurting people for the gains of the D.O.J.  Guess their pockets also have needs.)

Amazingly as I was feeding Ducks and about a dozen white doves, I felt so peaceful and untouchable.

Then out of no where this unmarked 1996-2002 Ford Explorer, dark green/blue with faded paint on the hood and roof pulls up behind my vehicle.  And walks towards me with his hand over his gun ready to pull it out to shoot if desired so, just one desire away from blowing away a church going family man of 30 years of age that has dedicated his life to being all he can be, without being manipulated by masterminds of empires, like the army.   Yet here I am thinking, could these be thugs/fake cops trying to pull a robbery?  I had been robbed once before near by with pepper spray by two punk teenagers that I managed to get arrested.  One doing time for it, the other punk is being helped by his family funds, bailed out etc. They not only robbed me, but pepper sprayed me right in the eyes and tried to get away with it.  Little did they know who I was or how fast I think or who I know and what I do.

I quickly yelled and through my hands out the window “WHOA WHOA WHOA AM I UNDER ARREST?”   Was the first thing I yelled!  I got a reply and it was NO SIR CALM DOWN.  The officer asked for my license and registration, without cause.  I have heard they can do this to people walking.  However, reason is mandatory.  So politely I asked the officer once I saw he was calm and not going to shoot me, what had I done illegal, as I was just feeding a bunch of ducks and doves.  He obviously had nothing to say and asked for my license and registration AGAIN.   I know its dangerous to confront ANY threats specially when someone has a weapon that has your life in imminent danger, but to fight or fly away from ones problems is a bit cowardly if you ask me now that I feel I am a very mature father and family man.

I pulled out my wallet in my pocket and my registration and insurance from my glove compartment, asked the officer to explain what was going on and he said they were conducting investigations near by for robberries. I confessed my feelings on how I do not respect the situation but I respect people and their legal jobs.  I asked him gently if he could remove my ID from my wallet as my fingers were greasy from cheetohs I was devouring before he pulled behind me.   He said sure ok and I found that serious and respectable so I offered all the help I could.   The first officer respected me, the next one tried to scare me with various techniques from yelling at me to get out of the vehicle and to put my hands on my BLISTERING HOTT HOOD to pat me down.  To different traffic tickets, from tints, to parking incorrectly, some ridiculous stuff  that contradicted his own view of the situation as time proceeded.  We were actually on a private road which belongs to my condo, where EVERYBODY comes to see the ducks n doves and to feed them ALL THE TIME !!!  No signs indicate its illegal to even park their or feed the animals, probably why it’s been done by so many people for so long.   The way officers are trained mind boggles me.  They act so dumb to the point he got me mad to where I started to ask him if I was under arrest, and he’d say no and I’d say well let me go I have to go.   I was waiting for my little sister to meet up with me there to then go have lunch.   In a few minutes my sister arrives and they wouldn’t tell her what they were doing.   I was there for like 10 minutes before my sisters arrival and about 15 minutes after.  I was praying for police back up to arrive.  I was also praying that my sister would walk up to me and take some footage as evidence.  As being on a public road and being her brother makes it legal for her to video film everything, just as the police do when they find it useful.

I went ahead and told the mean cop look officer if you want to search my vehicle you may.  I have nothing to hide, and I am not doing anything wrong.   BUT DO NOTICE YOU DIDNT PULL ME OVER… but since you insist “YOU PULLED ME OVER ILLEGALY”… so if you find something it’s yours to keep lol.   That triggered him to go through EEVRYTHINGGGGG.


Note I am a family man.  AND this sucker of a cop was in the hottest time of the day about to enter a sauna that he has never entered lol.   This man looked like he was going to have a heart attack when he was finished.  And I told him I’m sorry you had to go through that I know you are doing your job and you felt it was necessary but I told you I had nothing.  You should of trusted me.  Turns out they wasted their time and mine, But I got one hell of a show that no one can pay for.

And it educated me A WHOLE LOT. Thank you officers for making my streets safer FROM other crooked cops.  Turns out many cops in these unmarked cars to these illegal search and seizures and get away with all kinds of crimes.    It’s time for the rest of you to know there is a way to defend yourself.  it’s called using your brain.  if you can record them during these events, with witnesses, even better.  I was so HOTT and bothered that I did not even record their badge numbers or full names.   But Miami is a small world where everybody knows somebody that knows somebody.  And I know I will bump into them again when they least expect it.  Because… I’m a good looking good guy.

And when I do bump into them again.  I will gather all the info I can on them to continue this little post and share it across other networks of crime-watchers against corrupt police.  I’m just hoping those guys are not up to worse things and I was one of the smart ones to get away.  Karma exists regardless so… till next time.  Namaste

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