Dear Creatures of Habit.

Being ego centric and materialistic is in the eye of the beholder. Some people can take the “Law of Attraction” and take it for covet means, greed, materialism and such. But others use this vehicle for having a happy, harmonious, fulfilling, inspiring life.

Religion and infiltration of truth have put a major spin on the “Law of Attraction” for means that have gone away from its ethical gateway.Just like individuals have been spinning and attacking religions around the world, the same goes for the New Age movement.
Closing your mind or being biased to an ideal makes for a very narrow path that you will walk on.

PS-  It should be a crime for any habitual abuser that does not attempt to council it’s victims while knowing better, for example “judges” and State Attorneys that constantly rail dumb people that habitually seem to commit crimes perhaps their paradigm needs to be updated and educated for a better paradigm.
It would also be nice if every one put in some effort in their own ways to evolve into better human beings.    BUT IT HAS TO BE mostly shown from the top, by the leaders.  Best thing is, ANYONE can become a leader just like anyone can become a follower.
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