Thoughts for the night/day/week/month.

September is one heck of a month for me.     Many birthdays including my own.   Many wonderful moments, and even some very sad.   Emotions running high can make your mind create rivers of thoughts.  These rivers can be navigated in a fine manner however, like any water charted down and then rehearsed, over and over.  With that said this little project of mine seems to be opening paradoxes globally.  Hopefully one day many will feel it.

Watching #Mermaids at home with the family on Discovery channel.  Amazing how history shows only what we think we know, or what we actually happen to know.  We however are never in tune, as we are each different in many ways.  The fact that this evidence is now being broadcasted, and the research advanced to the point where they concluded they can broadcast this publicly makes me feel humbled.  Humbled to know that God is big and gives faith only to those that deserve it. 

Furthermore, I believe each and every network on earth needs new authority and we can help mold this “enforcing power”.  I have in mind something that is unprecedented, this is not a normal advocate of advice but a prophetic theoretical enforcer of national importance behind the scenes working with humble spiritual power to enhance humanity to its fullest potential.  Every network using protocols of communications regarding TERMS or TOS or Agreements deserves a righteous virtuous enhancement which I believe can help every human update their own processing abilities in order to properly synchronize with the world we live in.  Only through liberty and justice for all.  I believe every update to such said terms to any and all groups/networks should be not just mentioned/emailed or brought up to people/members etc.  But I have a vision that when an update for any of these communication networks/organizations/groups/websites/companies happens, members should receive a very clear delivery of such updates, perhaps even with a questionnaire to prove as evidence that said members agree to the new updates.   We live in an age/era where ignorance is just no longer bliss.  We are too wise to ignore blatant mistakes.


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