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October 4

Dear people,

In the heat of the moment, some people say that Spain is a dictatorship and that police are even worse than the grises, the grey-uniformed officers of the Franco regime.

These people don’t know what they are talking about. Dictatorship is China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, etc. In Spain, hardly anyone under 50 knows what dictatorship means in practice. Me neither.

In theory it has to do with open and violent repression, pure fear, absence of protection from the law, among other things. This is the classical idea of dictatorship. But the concept is changing, it’s adapting to 21st century reality.

In Italy, during the Berlusconi years, the modern variant was dubbed ‘sweet dictatorship’. It was no longer about brutal repression, it was much more subtle. Sweet dictatorship means ridiculing, delegitimising and criminalising any kind of opposition with the active collaboration of mass media.


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