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April 2012, Server Seizure



N+1 Magazine – Leave Your Cellphone at Home

“For email, using is good news. The solutions they offer are integrated with Tor as much as possible. They’re badass.”

New York Times – How to Muddy Your Tracks on the Internet

“If you do not want the content of your e-mail messages examined or analyzed at all, you may want to consider lesser-known free services like HushMail, RiseUp and Zoho, which promote no-snooping policies.”

Media accounts of the Riseup server seizure:

  1. Forbes – FBI Seizes Activists’ Anonymizing Server In Probe Of Pittsburgh’s Bomb Threats
  2. The Register – FBI seizes Mixmaster servers
  3. PC World – FBI Seizes Anonymizing Server in Bomb Threat Probe
  4. Information Week – FBI Seizes Anonymizing Email Service Server
  5. (German)
  6. techdirt – FBI Seized Anonymizer Server
  7. Democracy Now
  8. Wired – FBI Uses ‘Sledgehammer’ to Seize E-Mail Server in Search for Bomb Threat Evidence
  9. redOrbit – FBI Seizes Server Allegedly Linked To University Bomb Threat
  10. PC INpact – Le FBI saisit un serveur hébergeant un service de courriels anonymes (French)
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