Riseup Chat

Riseup Chat

Riseup provides chat service using jabber, the open-standards protocol for instant messages and voice communication.

A note of caution

Riseup’s chat service is still in the testing and development stage. The service may change features and might be disabled for short periods of time while we test different options.

What is jabber?

Jabber is an open standard for instant messages as well as voice and video chat. With jabber, you can send and receive messages between corporate services like Google Chat, as well as activist providers like riseup.net or autistici.org.

Using Riseup’s jabber service

Your riseup.net email address also serves as your jabber address. For someone to send you a jabber message or buddy request, they just need to send it to username@riseup.net.

In order to configure a jabber client, you need this information:

  • protocol: jabber (xmpp)
  • jabber account: username@riseup.net
  • password: your riseup password

It is very important than you configure your client to always require encryption. Some clients have a setting “encryption if available”. Even though the riseup.net servers require encryption, if your client is configured to use “encryption if available” an attacker can easily acquire your password.

Some jabber clients will ask for your username and domain separately. In this case, you would specify:

  • jabber username: username
  • jabber domain: riseup.net

For tutorials on specific clients, see our jabber clients page.

For added security

For added security, access our jabber server via the Riseup VPN or this Tor hidden service: ztmc4p37hvues222.onion

Please also see our jabber clients page for specific configuration instructions.

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