Saxon Knights

Founded: 1995
Location: Pendleton Correctional Facility Indiana
Ideology: White Nationalist / Prison Gang

The gang’s symbol is a medieval shield (coat of arms) divided into four parts, with a sword pointing down in the middle, along with a crossed battle-axe & hammer behind the shield. There’s a ribbon above the shield with the words “Honor – Brotherhood – Loyalty.” The four parts inside the shield are colored white, purple, red, and gold. White for their race, purple for their royalty, red for the blood their ancestors shed, and gold for their brotherhood. The letters “S” and “K” are in two sections that run diagonal, a knights helmet opposite of the “S,” and the section next to the “K” is for whatever they choose to place there. If someone is removed as a member their patch (tattoo) must also be removed. SK’s are primarily in the Indiana prisons, but have recently spread through the prison system throughout the Southern United States and as far as Arizona.

Saxon Knight’s are probably the most active white prison gang in Indiana. Recently they have moved beyond prison walls and claim to have more members outside than in. They claim over one thousand members. Saxon Knights consider themselves to be ethno-preservationists, and claim that although they have many racist members, the organization itself is not racist. They claim to be a community organization and to have donated money to charity, as if this somehow cleanses their wrongdoings.

Even within the Indiana prison system, Saxon Knights are a pretty weak group. They rarely, if ever, initiate conflict with other gangs, especially minority gangs. They prefer to save their cowardly brutality for “race-traitors” who refuse to ally themselves with their racist ideologies.

“Very soon the Saxon Knight Organization will have an active website. Anyone who has questions will be able to log on and ask. Anyone who would like to be a member will be able to apply for membership. We will also have a great clothing line available online. This line will be rooted in European under tones but available to all those who are interested. The Saxon Knight Organization would like to assure the public that we are not a gang, thugs, or criminal syndicate. We are a group of like-minded men and women trying to make positive changes in our lives and communities. God Bless you all. The founding President of the Saxon Knight Organization authorizes this posting. – Lady Saxon”

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