Appeals Court to Consider Benefits of Medical Marijuana

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By Sam Favate

Associated Press

For the first time in 20 years, a federal court will review scientific evidence on the therapeutic value of marijuana, as a legal challenge by a group of doctors, medical professionals and patients makes its way to the U.S. court of appeals in Washington, D.C., next week.

Americans for Safe Access is hoping the challenge will change the government’s classification of marijuana from a dangerous drug with no medical benefits, the Guardian reported. Other groups, such as the American Medical Association, the American College of Physicians, the American Nurses Association, the Federation of American Scientists and the American Academy of Family Physicians support either medical access to marijuana or its reclassification to one that has a medical benefit.

“Medical marijuana patients are finally getting their day in court,” Joe Elford, chief counsel for ASA, told the Guardian. “This is a rare opportunity for patients to confront politically motivated decision-making with scientific evidence of marijuana’s medical efficacy.”

Last year, the Drug Enforcement Agency rejected the ASA’s petition to reschedule marijuana, saying there wasn’t substantial evidence the drug should be removed from schedule 1. The DEA cited a five-year-old assessment from the Department of Health and Human Services that said there was no consensus in the medical community on the medical applications of marijuana.

In its reply brief, the ASA says the criteria used by the DEA and HHS to determine scheduling are flawed.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit will hear arguments in the case on Oct. 16.  Check Out These Amazing Comments!!  

        • 12:48 pm October 8, 2012
        • Carl wrote :

        Actually they are considering whether the DEA acted improperly.

        • 1:51 pm October 8, 2012
        • Anonymous wrote :

        The court case of American For Safe Access vs. the DEA on its justification of Cannabis classification as scheduled # 1 the most dangerous with no medical benefits will have to prove this in spite of thousands of years of safe effective and scientific facts. This putting into redundancy of 70% of its mission. October 16th 9:00 AM Washington DC.
        Will the candidates admit the truth, we have wasted, over a trillion dollars 20 million arrested 800,000 so far this year 60,000 dead this year in Mexico for what 75 years of an assault on our civil rights. The DEA has hijacked our justise system for their our greed.

        • 2:57 pm October 8, 2012
        • C.J. wrote :

        The real question is will justice, wisdom and compassion prevail? or are these Federal Faceholes simply hearing the case because of obligation and then going on to rule in favor of government control, prosecution and greed?

        I hope they rule wisely.

        • 4:00 pm October 8, 2012
        • Fred Garvin wrote :

        The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex along with the Prison/Police State Industrial Complex will vigorously fight this but ultimately the Feds are going to lose and Marijuana Prohibition is going to be tossed on the ash heap of history. The Government should be ashamed they are denying a safe natural product for medical use all in the name of corrupt control and greed. Makes me sick.

        • 4:02 pm October 8, 2012
        • Biff Jones wrote :

        DEA a.k.a The American Gestapo

        • 4:51 pm October 8, 2012
        • Don M wrote :

        It would be impossible for the DEA to prove that marijuana has no medical application/benefits because there is a mountain of evidence to prove otherwise!

        I believe than any honest and intelligent person would easily conclude, after doing basic research, that marijuana should be removed from schedule 1.

        If it remains listed as a schedule 1 drug, you can all be sure that it is because the DEA is mindfully choosing to ignore/hide the evidence in spite of the fact that almost a million people a year have their lives negatively affected by laws that are truly absurd.

        • 5:36 pm October 8, 2012
        • Jose wrote :

        The federal court of appeals should prosecute heads of the DEA for their participation in war crimes.

        • 5:37 pm October 8, 2012
        • Jose wrote :

        Maybe the DEA should change their name to the DLA, Drug Legislation Agency. They seem to have lost the concept that their job is enforcement, not legislation.

        • 8:52 pm October 8, 2012
        • Jeff wrote :

        Legalize it, tax it. The money saved from criminal proceedings and the revenue that could be made from no longer ignoring a massive industry is more than enough reason.

        • 9:35 pm October 8, 2012
        • Skitz wrote :

        The idea that the heroin pill Oxycontin is safer than marijuana is beyond absurd, therefore the MUCH safer alternative winds up being a criminal act, while using the much more intoxicating and addictive drug is what is expected of you, or just deal with the pain. This archaic idea will be put to the test a week from tomorrow. We will soon see if this country is savable or completely corrupted. Time to buy medical marijuana stocks like Cannabis Science CBIS, Medical Marijuana Inc. MJNA, and Rapid Fire Marketing RFMK. Good luck

        • 10:14 pm October 8, 2012
        • Eddie Freddie wrote :

        there probably is some truth to medical uses of marijuana, but largely its the abuse of it that is more important and will have worst consequences than anything else. we have enough lazy people as it is. now imagine everyone will be smoking pot. are you kidding me? what good has ever come out of hippy times? every single -exhippy I have met is now in his 60, driving tow truck or spending his days in the bar drinking. sober up people you talk about taxing it and making profit. but what about ramifications of the abuse. how much government money will then have to go to treating these people to get of off it. or you think it is not addictive? what the hell is wrong with you all. do you want to live in the pot smoking no future moron society? or where people are taught good moral values and education instead of opportunity to ruin their lives.

        • 11:29 pm October 8, 2012
        • Ruby wrote :

        Whats wrong with DEAs opinion Jose?? or is it because they wont approve legalization??

        • 11:15 am October 9, 2012
        • Bobby wrote :

        Ruby enforcement should only enforce laws. If you let them create laws, they will make laws that keep them in business regardless if its right or wrong.

        • 11:44 am October 9, 2012
        • truthbetold wrote :

        control freaks leave it alone, in 2 years no politician will lift a finger against it because it will cost them their jobs

        • 1:13 pm October 9, 2012
        • Nardo wrote :

        Eddie Freddie:

        There is no evidence that more relaxed cannabis laws lead to higher usage. In fact all the evidence points in the other direction. Look at the Netherlands which has far lower cannabis use than either the US or the UK.
        Also the Netherlands and Germany (which is also more liberal than the US/UK) are two of the only western countries with a trade surplus. That hardly indicates a lazy population does it?

        • 1:15 pm October 9, 2012
        • Jimi wrote :

        The government has already proven that cannabis has medical benefits. The feds grow it in Mississippi and distribute it free of charge to a hand full of Americans on a monthly basis for their diseases. The DEA just refuses to admit that its position is hypocritical. The court should reschedule immediately. The DEA should refocus their energies on real crime such as the sex trafficking of human beings.

        • 1:43 pm October 9, 2012
        • Harry Houston wrote :

        Legalized hemp would not put police in the unemployment line. It would free up Thousands of police to work on other things like, to find missing children, or to work on stopping the slavery market, even track down killers.
        Oil, plastics and paper industry can convert to processing hemp and make more money. The logging industry can use all there clear cut land and grow commercial hemp and sell it to the oil, plastics and paper industry. It is a win win for all. Look at all the people the die every year in the logging industry Fatality rate for loggers per 100,000 workers: 92 in 2011! Growing commercial hemp would be a lot safer.


      • 2:49 pm October 9, 2012
      • DEA deserves jail time wrote :

      Prosecute the DEA board of execs.

      Second, Ruby, ignorance is stupid in this case, DEA has no right to opinion-ate, they are paid to use scientific data aka facts. Learning is not just for you Ruby, but your Authority too. Time to schools the fools.

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