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A Response to the London Riots . . ..

A common cause of disaffection shared by most of the people involved in the riots, (and a great multitude who were not involved), has to be the inhumanity of the built environment on inner city housing estates, together with extreemely limited education and employment (escape) prospects, except for exceptionally gifted and highly motivated young people in an extremely challenging environment.

Our built environment is directly created through investment of finance, or lack of it, which is directly controlled by the banks.

The banks are controlled from the City of London, which is an independent state, similar to the Vatican State, and it is NOT subject, nor is it answerable, to the English Parliament.

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A Creative Response to the UK Government’s Proposed Criminalisation of “Squatting” . . .

UK Government’s Proposed Criminalisation of “Squatting” . . . 

The obvious bias in the consultation shows a predjudice that Squatters are (already) criminal in that their point of view is not asked for, in fact it is actively discouraged by the loaded nature of the questions – this makes the whole consultation unbalanced, hence it is inequitable, and therefore without doubt unlawful and invalid.

The very word “Squatting” has extreemely predjudicial connotations; and in fairness it ought to be relegated to the dustbin of civilised society, in the same way that words such as Nigger, Wog, and Chink already have been.

A new name needs to be chosen to describe lawful occupation of otherwise empty, abandoned, and/or disused properties.  How about Meritoccupy (or meritoccupied)?

In the particular case of eco-activists occupying a property for the purposes of eco-activism (including accommodation for eco-activists), the word “Requisition” springs readily to mind – particularly bearing in mind that the threat of environmental damage and destruction is commonly agreed to be every bit as serious as a threat of World War.

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