History regarding cannabis in the making.

Many of us were growing this plant for decades before there was a glimmer of making it even quasi-legal. If we were doing this before, how do you think “they” are going to stop us if it goes medically legit? While there are certainly some valid complaints about medications, much of it is bullshit. For instance, I take Celebrex and have since it first came out. For me, it is a very important component in making life worth living. It was nearly taken off the market, and is currently black-labeled, because a small segment of obese patients had an elevated risk of heart attacks. Huh. You don’t suppose that this increased risk may have been due to their obesity and related issues?

This society refuses to exercise, eats the worst diet imaginable with best availability of options in the history of mankind, and is the fattest in history. They demand pills for every problem and think that “science” is going to cure the results of their sloth. Then they bitch when the best efforts of the medical establishment don’t give them a 100% cure.

Most of us have experienced some of the magic that resides in cannabis. I think that it is a dead certainty that we have only scratched the surface, and none of us are equipped financially to take it further.

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